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10 January 2020 | View: 39
In the coming 2020, HIENCE has brought the newest diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe machine which is more convenient operation to the world stage.
26 December 2019 | View: 69
New mobile vertical diamond cut alloy wheel repair machine DCM28P can be installed into a van and taken to your customer for same day, on-site repairs.
14 December 2019 | View: 35
New vertical diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe machine DCM35P was showed on our Frankfurt exhibition stand, and gets the approval of general customers.
30 November 2019 | View: 27
Why customers prefer to our alloy wheel repair lathe machine by comparing after use? Fast working, perfect diamond cutting effect, easy to operation, save time.
26 November 2019 | View: 34
HIENCE offers diamond cut wheel repair machine to customers with the best quality service, and highest quality products, let customers rest assured.
21 November 2019 | View: 29
HIENCE will show latest Dimond Cut Wheel Repair Lathe Machine DCM35P on Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition in Shanghai, welcome to visit our stand and talk with us.
07 November 2019 | View: 49
As pioneer of wheel repair machine,HIENCE not only provide high quality machine, core technology, great service but also foucs to make every employee happy
30 October 2019 | View: 37
If the damaged wheel is as perfect as before after repair, or even brighter, cooler, more beautiful, the shop must be using automatic alloy wheel repair lathe machine.
19 October 2019 | View: 41
How can I find a good supplier of wheel repair lathe? How can I be sure that this supplier's alloy wheel repair lathe is reliable before purchase?
08 October 2019 | View: 68
There are various detection systems on the wheel repair machine. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of various detection systems?
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