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26 November 2019 | View: 4
HIENCE offers diamond cut wheel repair machine to customers with the best quality service, and highest quality products, let customers rest assured.
21 November 2019 | View: 13
HIENCE will show latest Dimond Cut Wheel Repair Lathe Machine DCM35P on Frankfurt Automechanika Exhibition in Shanghai, welcome to visit our stand and talk with us.
07 November 2019 | View: 32
As pioneer of wheel repair machine,HIENCE not only provide high quality machine, core technology, great service but also foucs to make every employee happy
30 October 2019 | View: 29
If the damaged wheel is as perfect as before after repair, or even brighter, cooler, more beautiful, the shop must be using automatic alloy wheel repair lathe machine.
19 October 2019 | View: 32
How can I find a good supplier of wheel repair lathe? How can I be sure that this supplier's alloy wheel repair lathe is reliable before purchase?
08 October 2019 | View: 58
There are various detection systems on the wheel repair machine. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of various detection systems?
28 September 2019 | View: 37
Wheel curve optimization software is very necessary for every wheel repair lathe to realize perfect wheel repair effect.
23 September 2019 | View: 67
With the continuous development of society, more and more car repair shop use wheel repair machine to repair and maintenance of wheels. In particular, choose the machine that is easy to operate and user-friendly. So what can make the wheel repair machine
16 September 2019 | View: 45
With a unique vertical finishing touch diamond cut wheel repair machine DCM35P is HIENCE ’s latest research and development of new wheel repair machine. There are various wheel repair machine in market, but the DCM35P is a newest machine you have never se
11 September 2019 | View: 61
The development of wheel repair lathe should be developed earlier, from the early use of ordinary non-cnc lathe to CNC lathe, to industrial PC control;From horizontal wheel lathe to vertical wheel lathe, has been developed for several generations. Which m
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