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08 October 2019 | View: 9
There are various detection systems on the wheel repair machine. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of various detection systems?
28 September 2019 | View: 13
Wheel curve optimization software is very necessary for every wheel repair lathe to realize perfect wheel repair effect.
23 September 2019 | View: 24
With the continuous development of society, more and more car repair shop use wheel repair machine to repair and maintenance of wheels. In particular, choose the machine that is easy to operate and user-friendly. So what can make the wheel repair machine
16 September 2019 | View: 27
With a unique vertical finishing touch diamond cut wheel repair machine DCM35P is HIENCE ’s latest research and development of new wheel repair machine. There are various wheel repair machine in market, but the DCM35P is a newest machine you have never se
11 September 2019 | View: 43
The development of wheel repair lathe should be developed earlier, from the early use of ordinary non-cnc lathe to CNC lathe, to industrial PC control;From horizontal wheel lathe to vertical wheel lathe, has been developed for several generations. Which m
11 September 2019 | View: 40
Specializing in Diamond cut alloy wheel repair CNC equipment, HIENCE should be your first choice in wheel repair.
27 August 2019 | View: 16
1.Name:17 inch touch screen PC controller 2.Diamond cutters 3.Probe sensor 4.special soft jaws
23 August 2019 | View: 20
“The key living is giving” That is also Taian Hiscience do for employees. Holiday part is popular in our company. Last weekend, our company throw a wonderful party for us. And the great party is ingenuity. We went to a famous village for fun.
12 August 2019 | View: 16
Discount:US$500 per set. Free:US$200 worth of spare parts Warranty:Extended to 2 years
28 June 2019 | View: 35
On 27th June, Our Norway customer have received his new diamond cut wheel repair machine. Thank you very much for choosing us.
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