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Good comments from wheel repair machine users are our driving force

11 Apr 2022

As we all know, in the era of rapid technological development, no matter what industry you are in, there is a certain degree of competition. In order to adapt to this rapidly developing era and meet the requirements of more customers, we have launched a new product vertical wheel repair lathe. This new product is deeply liked and praised by customers, and more and more customers have begun to use our machine.

A customer from North America, Alfredo, who was very interested in our wheel repair machine. He told me, "Hello, I am interested in these products. What is the shipping cost? What is the best price you can offer? How long does shipping take to my country?" After that, I consulted his specific requirements for the wheel repair machine and recommended our vertical alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 to him. But he told me, "You can't imagine I'm struggling to buy this device, and the price of your machine is out of my budget."

From the dialogue with customers, I learned that customers like our machines very much, so in order to promote our cooperation, we also took the initiative to provide customers with some solutions. After Alfredo replied to me that he needed time to think about it. Later he contacted me, "Although there are other suppliers who have also sent me quotes for their machines, yours is my favorite one. I really can't pay this amount, but I can pay a lot s hard work."

A few days later, our regular customer in Cyprus contacted us and told us that a customer in North America was very interested in our machine. It was later discovered that the client was Alfredo. After communication, we learned that Alfredo accidentally discovered that our old customer in Cyprus was using our machine, and the wheels he repaired were perfect, so Alfredo took the initiative to contact the customer in Cyprus and inquired about the quality, performance and operation of the machine. Our customer in Cyprus was very enthusiastic, and also had a video call with him to show him the processing process, advantages and repair effects of the machine. vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. And it is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen, all operations can be finished on PC controller. This machine can probe and cut wheels automatically, probe data can be saved for the next same model wheel. It will save your time.

Through communication with customers in Cyprus, customers are more determined to purchase the machine. Because good feedback from users is the greatest affirmation of the machine. Finally, the customer confirmed the order.

Good comments from wheel repair machine users are our driving force

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Originally published 11 Apr 2022, updated 11 Apr 2022.

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