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Vertical Alloy Wheel Repair Machine DCM35P-MAX

Vertical Alloy Wheel Repair Machine DCM35P-MAX


DCM35P-MAX wheel repair machine is a new generation upgraded product with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company. Based on market demand research and feedback from customers who purchased DCM35P-2 before, this product integrates mature product experience, and comprehensively upgrades the cast iron bed structure and X/Z axis structure in design. At the same time, in order to achieve better wheel repair effect and better user experience, DCM35P-MAX adopts higher-end product components and adds more functional modules. DCM35P-MAX reflects its professional quality and craftsmanship from product design, manufacturing process and selection of key components.

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Maximum clamping wheel size: 35 inch

Maximum diameter with tire on: 880mm

Maximum repairable wheel thickness: 550mm

X-axis travel (Diameter): 920mm

X-axis drive motor torque: 6NM

Z-axis travel: 620mm

Z-axis drive motor torque: 6NM×2 (With brake function)

Total machine power: 9KW

Spindle speed: 50-1800rpm

Chuck Diameter / Number of Jaws: 320mm / 3 jaws

Tool changer: 4 Station automatic tool changer

X/Z feed accuracy: 0.001mm

Wheel detection method: Ruby probe detection system (optional laser detection system)

Detection accuracy Ruby probe detection: 0.001mm

Device Voltage / Frequency: 380V 3ph / 50HZ

Customization for different voltages: Support

Net weight / Gross Weight: 1500KG / 1650KG

Machine size: 1690 × 1180 × 1890 mm


Vertical structure, small footprint

Only 4 simple steps to repair the wheel, saving time and effort

Cast iron bed is high stability. Wheel repair size can up to 32inch

PC control system, powerful and easy to operate

Add more auxiliary functions to make the operation more comfortable

Wheel repairing can achieve mirror surface and rainbow effect






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