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Horizontal Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Lathe AWR28HPC

Horizontal Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Lathe AWR28HPC


AWR28HPC alloy wheel repair machine is smart diamond cutting wheel repair lathe which uses integrative touch screen PC controller, automatic detection system, integrative optimization software. It can repair wheels up to 28inch. The entire operation process only requires four steps: hub installation, wheel hub curve detection, curve optimization, and cutting to complete the repair. The machine operation is very simple, saving time and effort.

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Maximum clamping wheel size: 28inch

Maximum diameter with tire on: 770mm

X-axis drive motor torque: 6NM

Z-axis drive motor torque: 10NM

Motor power: 7.5KW

Spindle speed: 50-2000rpm

Chuck Diameter/Number of Jaws: 320mm / 3 jaws

Tool changer: 4 Station tool changer

X/Z feed accuracy: 0.001mm

Wheel detection method: Ruby probe detection system (optional laser detection system)

Detection accuracy Ruby probe detection: 0.001mm

Device Voltage / Frequency: 380V 3ph / 50HZ

Customization for different voltages: Support

Net weight / Gross Weight: 2000KG / 2200KG

Machine size: 2140 × 1600 × 1860mm


Restores diamond cut alloy wheels < 28"

Integrative digital optimization software

17" Touch screen controller

Wheel profile storage - wheel library function

Automated self-plotting probe

Automatic electronic pump lubrication

X & Z axis servo motors - controlled cut






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