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How to use wheel repair machine to fix damaged wheel

05 Apr 2021

Potholes, curbs, and other driving hazards have the capacity to bend or damage your car’s rims. There are several situations where the wheel is damaged, the rim is bent, the wheel is broken, and the surface of the wheel is scratched. Next, let's talk about how to solve these kinds of wheel problems?

If your rims are bent, you need rim straightening machine to straighten the bent circle. Almost always, a professional rim straightening machine will be able to restore the shape of your rim.

If your wheel is broken, you need to weld the broken part with welding With Tig. Once we have a hot alloy, we can start welding. start Welding at the inside of the wheel, follow the gap to the edge of the rim filling when necessary to continue the join. This takes time and patience and a keen eye we have to file down the bulk of the weld, continuing the troughs & Valleys of the existing profile, until we get to the critical point where we maintain a good continuous bridge where there was once a crack.

If your wheel is scratched, you need a smart wheel repair machine to help you remove the damaged. HIENCE wheel repair machine is used to surface cut off a very thin layer of material, usually only need to cut off about 1mm will be able to repair the entire wheel, and you can realize different repair effect.

Our PC type wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is very easy to learn and operate. The trend of this product development is to operate more easily, repair more quickly, repair more perfect and diverse. It has no complex button on the pc controller. You can complete all operation on the pc touch screen. DCM35P-2 adopts the vertical lathe structure. What are the advantages of the vertical structure for wheel repair? First, the user only needs to put the wheel on the chuck and fix it. The horizontal wheel lathe requires you to use one hand to prop up, the other hand to fix the wheel, more effort. Second, the wheel installation position of the vertical lathe machine is relatively low, so the user can observe the wheel more conveniently in the process of using the machine and reduce the human error of wheel repair. Third, and very important for some users, is its relatively small size. For the car repair shop with space requirement, vertical wheel repair lathe is the best choice. All the parts are best and automatic, for example, we adopted automatic 4 station electric tool post. It can be switched by one key, and the tool change time is fast. Only need 2.6S. High precision, repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.005mm. Can use long time, reliability is greater than 100000 times. We also adopted automatic protective door, metal shield and plastic protective, hand wheel unit to control the X/Z axis and feed speed, servo main motor, high speed linear guide rail, scrap removal device.

As a pioneer in wheel repair machine, HIENCE automatic wheel repair machine can repair most of the wheels in the market and achieve the most perfect results. As a high-end car maintenance shop, if you want to expand your maintenance business, you need to choose the most high-end equipment, and HIENCE wheel repair lathe is your best choice.

How to use wheel repair machine to fix damaged wheel

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Originally published 05 Apr 2021, updated 05 Apr 2021.

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