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Wheel repair machines can repair alloy wheels with tires

26 May 2021

"Hey Frank. How’s business? Have you guys built a CNC that can repair a wheel with a tire on the wheel?

Anna from the United States asked me this question for the second time. She likes our wheel repair lathe very much, but she wants to repair with tire on. I have repeatedly confirmed with the engineer that there is no problem, but Anna still has to see it in person like other customers. Only buy when you see it. We decided to record a complete video with tire repair for customers to watch.

Because we are a manufacturer specializing in wheel repair lathes, we don’t have as many testable wheels as in a car repair shop, so this time I went to my friend’s shop and borrowed a Porsche wheel. From the surface, there are many injured parts on the surface of the wheel, and the wheel is slightly deformed, but it is enough for our customers to demonstrate.

The outer diameter of this tire is 700mm, and the diameter of the wheel is 22inch. It is a relatively large wheel, which can just show the working ability of the machine. In the end, we repaired it perfectly. What was the repair process and result? Please go to my YouTube to watch it.

As you can see from the video, our wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2 is used to repair wheels with scratches on the surface or repair with tires. For the user, if it is determined that a tire needs to be repaired, it is necessary to ensure that the operating space of the machine is large enough, because if you choose a small machine, the diameter of the wheel is relatively large, and it may not work properly.

What is the difference between repair with tires and repair without tires? There is no difference in the operation process of the entire machine. On the contrary, if you bring the wheel to repair, it will increase the workload of fixing the wheels on the machine. We still have to suggest that if conditions permit, it is best to remove the hub and then repair it, so that you can better observe the hub and ensure the safety of the repair. Of course, if you like to bring tires for repairs, there is no problem. Just pay attention to the following small details.

Before repairing, release the air in the tire, and separate the tire from the wheel with a tire raking machine, so that the clamping groove on the machine can clamp the outer circle of the wheel, and ensure that the wheel is in contact with the bottom of the claw to ensure that the hub is It is placed horizontally. Then make sure not to touch the tire when cutting the hub with a tool.

The wheel lathe DCM35P-2 can repair all kinds of wheels with different shapes, deep disc wheels, the back of the wheels or with tires. Do you need other functions? Please contact us.

Wheel repair machines can repair alloy wheels with tires

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Originally published 26 May 2021, updated 26 May 2021.

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