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Welcome Saudi customers to our company to inspect wheel repair machine

14 Jun 2024

If you are currently engaged in wheel repair, but because there is no perfect wheel repair machine, many wheel repairs are outsourced, I suggest that you can start a diamond cut wheel repair machine now. Because a good wheel repair lathe can first offset the cost of outsourcing repairs and generate a lucrative source of income and maximize customer satisfaction. And for your shop, it can limit the demand for skilled employees and improve employee retention.

This is the case with our Saudi Arabian customer Mr.Alyafy. His previous wheel repair business was done by hand grinding or outsourcing to workshops with wheel repair machine, but such operations resulted in a large part of the profit going to others. This year he decided to buy a wheel repair machine of his own. After a long investigation, he found that HIENCE brand machines are the most famous in the Middle East. At the same time, there are many repair shops in Riyadh and Dammam that use this brand of machines.

Why did Saudi customers finally choose our wheel repair machine DCM32P-S?

Higher degree of automation. The automation design of wheel repair machine DCM32P-S is reflected in its use of a comprehensive PC controller, on which all operations can be completed, and there are no redundant and complicated buttons, so users can better understand how to use it. The automatic 4-station tool holder is also a highlight, which reduces the manual tool change process and reduces the user's concerns about the tool change lock position, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair. The design of the automatic safety door eliminates the process of manual door closing and increases the safety guarantee for users when the machine is running. The guide rail used by DCM32P-S is a linear rail, which has a fast running speed and high precision. In addition, we added a protective cover to the lead screw to prevent aluminum chips from entering the lead screw. Although it is a relatively small design, it is very important because aluminum chips are very small and sticky. If they enter or guide rails, it will be a fatal failure for the wheel repair machine. In addition, an aluminum chip storage box is added to make the machine maintenance more convenient. Not only that, we have also upgraded DCM32P-S to add new functions: air cooling and chip removal, built-in camera monitoring function, spotlight, dust removal gun, Foma wheel, etc. We also add multiplier function and point addition function for the wheel repair machine.

Before paying the final payment, Mr. Alyafy asked a third party to inspect the machine. The customer was very satisfied with the repair effect and every detail of the machine. He also expressed his hope to establish a long-term distribution partnership with us.

Welcome Saudi customers to our company to inspect wheel repair machine

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Originally published 14 Jun 2024, updated 14 Jun 2024.

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