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The after-sales service system of wheel repair machine

21 Jun 2021

If we run a wheel repair workshop, when we choose the alloy wheel repair lathe machine, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the machine, the most concerned thing is the after-sales service of the machine. Our wheel repair lathes are now all updated to high-precision and high-automation, which is easier to operate and learn for our customers.

HIENCE vertical diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe machines are developed by ourselves, we have our own professional marketing department and technical department, from the appearance of the machine, to the specific details of the perfect design are all done by them, and we added a lot of man-machine friendly operation design, so that our users can be more comfortable and easier to use the vertical type of alloy wheel repair machines.

Our wheel repair lathe machines are sold all over the world every year, and our customers often send us pictures to feedback the beautiful wheels they repaired with our alloy wheel repair machines. The reason why we have such a good relationship with our customers is because the quality of our machines is very good, and the other is because of our perfect after-sales service system.

Our customers will inevitably encounter some problems in the process of using the wheel repair machine. At this time, they will be very anxious to send us a message and want to solve the problem quickly. Please don't worry at this time, the first thing you have to do is to tell us under what circumstances the fault occurred, and then take a complete video from the PC screen to the distribution box when the machine is turned on, and then send the video to us. This will help our technical department and after-sales department to determine the cause of the machine problem as quickly as possible.

Our high-efficiency and high-quality after-sales service has been praised and recognized by many customers, and this is an important reason why our customers always choose to cooperate with us, so they are willing to buy the diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe machines from our company all the time, choosing HIENCE wheel repair machines will give you peace of mind!

The after-sales service system of wheel repair machine

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Originally published 21 Jun 2021, updated 21 Jun 2021.

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