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Wheel repair machine manufacturers show love activities

13 Apr 2020

As an excellent supplier of wheel repair lathe, we have established a good market cooperation relationship with foreign customers. Since February, countries around the world have been shrouded in varying degrees by the epidemic of new coronaviruses. At the same time, masks and other epidemic prevention materials have become scarce items in people's hands. So far, many of our friends abroad have been difficult to buy masks. This makes the bad mood caused by the epidemic even worse. Many of our foreign customers and friends started to contact us whether we could help them, sending them some masks to spend this difficult time.

For us, every customer who has purchased our wheel repair machine is not just our customer, but more like our friends in a foreign country. At this moment, when they faced difficulties, we extended our helping hand without hesitation. There is an old Chinese saying: "If one side is in difficulty, the eight parties will support it." In the face of the outbreak, our company carried out the fight will be coronavirus supplies the compassion donation fundraising and epidemic prevention, and take the initiative to provide our new and old friends in foreign country and epidemic prevention materials, especially in Italy, Spain, the United States and other serious epidemic area, we provide free FFP3 and surgical masks, contributing to fight the outbreak render a by our company, and help them to spend the difficulties.

"Gifts of roses, hand there are lingering fragrance." let everybody understand paid also can make oneself happy. Only know the joy of harvest, is not really happy. Life is often such a case, when others are in trouble, take the initiative to lend a helping hand to help others; The convenience of others at the same time will also bring their own convenience, the achievement of others at the same time to improve their own. Under the threat of novel coronavirus outbreak, many people, especially medical workers, showed the highest quality of human nature and responded to the call at the first time to save others and do their best for the prevention and treatment of the epidemic. There are medical personnel who went to the battlefield after having the New Year's eve dinner at home, there are those farmer who gave up their own profit and donated 20 tons of vegetable supplies to wuhan. There are those who braved danger and hardship and built vulcan mountain with their sweat. The white warriors marched on, fighting their way back, snatching life from death.

"Give rose, the hand has aftertaste" is also an English proverb, which means that a very ordinary and small thing, even if it is as insignificant as giving a rose, but it will bring warmth in the heart of the giver and recipient of flowers slowly rose, diffuse, covered. In life, we should all do this. When you help someone, do something good, or fulfill someone else, you give them a rose to make them happy, and your own heart will feel happy for doing something good, so you can feel a sweetness, a rose in your hand in your heart.

There are too many unsatisfactory things in life. If you only want to harvest, you will lose a lot of happiness. In any matter, we should pay a little more fearlessly, to believe that there will be rewards, no matter whether the rewards are tangible or intangible. There is a familiar story, I wonder if you have heard it? There is a blind man living in a building. Every night he would go for a walk in the garden downstairs. The strange thing is, whether he is going upstairs or downstairs, although he can only fumble along the wall, he must press the light in the corridor. One day, a neighbor couldn't help but asked curiously, "Why do you turn on the light when your eyes are invisible?". The blind man replied: "Turning on the lights will bring convenience to others going up and down the stairs, and it will also bring convenience to me." The neighbor asked doubtfully: "How convenient can turning on the lights bring you?" The blind man replied: "After turning on the lights, people who go up and down the stairs will see more clearly, so they won't knock me down. Isn't this convenient for me?" The neighbor realized this. Do you understand the mystery?

Sometimes, a small good deed from the heart will also create a stage of love in life. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. I believe that no winter will not pass, and no spring will not come. Look, the apricot blossoms have bloomed, and spring has come.

Wheel repair machine manufacturers show love activities

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Originally published 13 Apr 2020, updated 13 Apr 2020.

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