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A good wheel repair machine must be simple and fast to operate

11 Jan 2023

The rapid development of industrial society has changed people's lives and thoughts. Life and work are all about high-speed, fast-paced, trouble-saving and labor-saving. HIENCE as pioneer of diamond cut wheel repair machine also committed to upgrading the machine operation to be more simple, convenient and efficient. Relying on the feedback from the market, our technology department has upgraded and launched the multifunctional model DCM32P-S which is more suitable for advanced wheel repair shops or auto repair shops, which can complete wheel repairs better and more conveniently. Today we will see how simple this machine is from the operation process and detailed design.

The operation steps of the wheel repair machine DCM32P-S are simple. It only need four steps to complete a damaged wheel repair.

First, install the damaged wheel. When installing the wheel, you can use our four-jaw chuck which is a new designed for DCM32P-S, the four jaw chuck is multi-jaw support, it will be more stable when cutting. It can make slightly deformed wheels automatically circle.

Second, detect the wheel. when you start to detect whether you think the operation room is a little dark, we are equipped with spotlight, main work light, rear auxiliary light, one button start, soft and uniform light, to create a bright space.Of course, we are equipped with a professional probe, the accuracy of the ruby probe is 0.001mm, suitable for the detection of different shapes of wheel curves.

Third, curve optimization. After the detection is completed, the 17-inch display screen is used to

optimize the detect curve.The built-in software, which has been developed for many years and is constantly upgraded, is simple to use and easy to learn.No professional lathe knowledge can also be reached at a touch.

Fourth, wheel cutting. The diamond cutting of the DCM32P-S is automatic. You can use our exclusive custom diamond cutter to cut the wheel surface. The tip diameter is 3mm, consistent with the size of the ruby probe, improving the measurement accuracy and high stability. At the same time with air cooling system, not only in the cutting process has the aluminum chip removal function. After cutting, the surface aluminum pin can be removed with a dust gun. And the important is the DCM32P-S equipped with automatic four station toolpost. Unique operating system and electric tool holder closely combined,easy to achieve one-button tool change. Compared with the traditional manual tool change, the automation degree is higher, more can reflect the operation fun.At the same time can be configured with three different cutting tools, can achieve different cutting effects.

After my introduction, do you also sigh how simple our machine is? Being able to operate this machine without professional knowledge and the wheel repair machine can take your wheel repair business to the next level.

A good wheel repair machine must be simple and fast to operate

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Originally published 11 Jan 2023, updated 11 Jan 2023.

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