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How do users evaluate our wheel repair machines

25 May 2022

Have you seen HIENCE wheel repair lathes in your city? The answer from most customers is yes. HIENCE as the originator of wheel repair lathes, it has the most advanced technology and R&D team dedicated to machine development and innovation. Today we are going to share real feedback from our customers.

Spanish customers

I have purchased 2 machines, everything is great, you can trust them.

Kosovo Customers

Best company ever, Most correct people. The best machine in World! Perfect!

Sweden customers

I am so so happy!! the lathe is amazing!! we cannot wait to finally use it. You made me smile!

South African customers

HIENCE is a trusted manufacturer of wheel repair lathe. The delivery time of the machine is very fast. The quality is very good and it is easy to operate. Many of my clients are very satisfied. They said it was so convenient for them to come to me. I highly recommend HIENCE wheel repair lathe, and if necessary for business expansion, I will buy them again.

Netherlands Customers

Repairing alloy wheels everyday, successful using a HIENCE machine. We are looking forward to expending info the new horizontal machine, Must be a realiable as the one we use today. I tried cutting two wheels and it did a great job. And repaired one wheel in less than 15 minutes. I am quite satisfied with the repair effect. I placed an order during the discount period and the price is beautiful. I have already recommended it to other friends.

America customers

I was driving out for a picnic with my friends on the weekend, and I scratched the wheel of my car on the way back.My friend has a HIENCE wheel repair lathe.Thanks to HIENCE Wheel repair machine for making this easy. My wheels look perfect. Since then, I have asked some people to check the wheels, but they couldn't figure out where they were repaired.

New Zealand customers

Good machine and company! They explained to me the operational problems that I didn't understand very patiently.Very professional!

Poland customers

Megkaptam a kerékjavító gépet. Nagyon elégedett vagyok a géppel, csodálatos. Minden várakozás megérdemli

Serbia customers

You guys have great service... I appreciate it. Once I post machine on my Instagram page you are going to have to make many more!

There is also a lot of feedback from customers in various countries. I won't list them one by one. In any case, I would like to thank every customer for their affirmation and feedback. Thank you very much for choosing HIENCE. We always insist on quality first.

How do users evaluate our wheel repair machines

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Originally published 25 May 2022, updated 25 May 2022.

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