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Wheel repair machine provide the most powerful support for your shop

07 Jun 2021

Speaking of wheels, I want to know how much do you know about wheels? I believe that the people who know the wheel best are the manufacturers and the companies that sell the wheels and the shops that repair the wheels. If you have some doubts about the wheel, they will definitely give you the most professional answer.

Maybe you want to know, after a car wheel is scratched or broken, should it be replaced with a new wheel? Or is there a need for maintenance of the old wheel, and can it continue to be used after repair? Professional auto repair shops will give you the most professional answers.

First of all, professional auto repair shops have professional technicians and advanced repair technology and auto repair equipment. If you walk into any professional auto repair shop, they are definitely using wheel repair machine in their shops, and wheel repair lathe machine provide the most powerful technical support for the shop. With years of maintenance experience, technicians have seen many types of wheel damage. In the case of slight scratches on the surface of the wheel, the wheel repair machine can perfectly repair the damaged wheel and make the damaged wheel look like a new one.

For wheel fracture, wheel fracture is generally divided into edge fracture and support bar fracture. Slightly broken edges of wheels can generally be repaired, and broken edges of wheels can be repaired by welding. After repairing a small area of wheel edge fracture, the performance of the wheel will not be affected. If the wheel support bar is broken after a major accident, it is generally impossible to repair, even if the appearance is restored after welding, the safety of the wheel is unreliable. Because welding is a process of partial heating, melting and solidification. However, there must be weld stress around the weld. After a period of load operation, it is very likely that fatigue cracks will occur in the high-stress area of the wheel and cause serious consequences, so you can't to use it if wheel fracture is serious.

If you are an owner of car, maybe you want to know the details of wheel repair machine after hearing the explanation. I will show you, that HIENCE wheel repair lathe machine can detect the wheels and cut automatically. The machine uses 17-inch touch industrial PC, so the machine gets rid of complicated operation and many useless CNC controller buttons. And all steps will be finished on PC. Can realize different cutting effect, such as mirror effect, rainbow line effect or big line effect.

If you want to perform the most professional wheel repair, you must choose a repair shop with wheel repair equipment, because the wheel repair lathe machine provides the most powerful support for the auto repair shop and is the most professional equipment.

Wheel repair machine provide the most powerful support for your shop

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Originally published 07 Jun 2021, updated 07 Jun 2021.

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