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How to cut rainbow lines by wheel repair machine

12 Apr 2021

"How can I cut a rainbow pattern on a wheel" a customer from Italy asked me.

"You turn the repaired wheel to different angles, and then look at the changes in the light on the upper surface of the wheel. First of all, you have to make sure that the repaired wheel is perfect by diamond cutting wheel repair machine." I asked him to send me a photo of the repaired wheel. The photos here show that the surface of the wheel is repaired very well, but the rainbow pattern is not seen in the photo. This is not surprising, because the surface of the wheel repaired with a diamond tool needs a specific light and angle to see the rainbow pattern, just like Rainbow after the rain.

When our wheel repair lathe machine uses diamond cutter to repair the wheel, the first cutting line and the second cutting line are very close to each other. If the feed speed is low, the two cutting lines will overlap. There is a very small ripple change between the cutting lines, and it is invisible if you don't look carefully. When the sun or surrounding light shines on it, the light will be refracted to form a rainbow.

"I have seen the demo video of the wheel lathe you uploaded on YouTube . Your machine is really great. I am pretty sure that your machine is what I want," said Martin from Austria.

In order to let friends understand our machine more quickly, we used real damaged wheels to perform a real repair demonstration on the machine, and showed the final result to everyone, we hope that customers can really see the operation of the machine before buying.

From the perspective of any buyer, they want to use money to buy goods of equal value. For high-precision machines such as wheel lathes, there are suppliers of varying quality in the market, and of course the price of wheel repair lathes is also have a high and a bottom. A product with a low price must have a low cost. How much does it cost to ensure the quality of its products? Therefore, the quality of buying a wheel lathe is the first, and the price is the second.

How does a wheel repair machine repair different effects on the wheel?

In addition to the problem of the rainbow pattern, there is also this problem that will be encountered when repairing the wheel. This problem can be solved in two way. First, you can change the distance between the tool marks in the repair process by changing the speed of the machine spindle and the feed rate of the cutter; Diamond tools are used to repair the wheel, so the quality of the tool and different types will produce different repair effects. You can change the shape of the cutting line by using diamond cutters with different nose radii.

I hope that this blog will allow you to learn more about wheel lathes and wheel diamond repair, and I hope you can pay more attention to our company's wheel repair machine.

How to cut rainbow lines by wheel repair machine

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Originally published 12 Apr 2021, updated 12 Apr 2021.

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