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Jose from Spain says your wheel repair machine is the best

18 Oct 2021

"I have two machines and they are perfect," said Jose from Spain.

We have a customer who named Ram, he is very interest in our wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2. But he has some questions about our machine and our company. This is a very normal thing, and many customers will ask some questions before purchasing the machine.He told me even he is going to buy, but his partner still has some worry about the machine.Because he was not sure about the quality, shipment, and after sale service. I understand his feelings. I patiently explained to the customer one by one. I explained to him the details of various parts of our wheel repair machine and attached pictures. We have exclusive agent in Germany, England, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Australia and Turkey which is great to show that our quality can withstand the scrutiny. We have a large number of delivery plans for the agents, and because the machines are very popular, we always prepare machines in stock.The delivery time is usually within one week. We have a long-term cooperation freight forwarding, can help him arrange transportation, he can also find the local shipping agent to do FOB. Our machine warranty is one year but we can provide life-time service, the machine supports remote assistance, and our engineers can provide services online. I also introduced him to the optimization software which is special designed by ourselves. The surface of the damaged wheel is optimized by the curve then cut to make the damaged wheel achieve perfect cutting effect. The surface of the wheel after cutting with the optimized software will be very smooth, and you can achieve the desired effect as you like, such as the mirror effect.,rainbow effect. It's like doing a cosmetic surgery on the wheel.

Ram is very satisfied of our machine and my answer, but his partner still have a questions about our machine,He want to know how long does it take to repair a wheel? I smile to him and say wheels of the same model can be repaired using the same processing procedure. The single processing time for wheels of different sizes and types is about few minutes to ten minutes. Different types of wheels are affected by size, shape, structure, and material, and are suitable for different rotation speeds and processing speeds, which in turn affect the processing time. In order to allow our customers to better understand our machines, we launched a live broadcast. "I have two machines and they are perfect," said Jose from Spain. Jose have bought two sets wheel repair machine from us. All is works perfect.

As the pioneer of diamond cut wheel repair machine in China,we always put the principle of quality first and always responsible for customers first. Make the product well and serve each customer better. Eventually realize a win-win relationship with customers.If you want to improve the service level of your wheel repair shop and attract more customers, why not try our machine?

Jose from Spain says your wheel repair machine is the best

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Originally published 18 Oct 2021, updated 18 Oct 2021.

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