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How to repair deep dish wheels on alloy wheel repair machine

28 Aug 2021

"Hey, May. There is a deep dish wheels, and I also want to cut the back of the wheel. I checked that you record a video of repairing them in your vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2. Now can I repair it like you?" The gentleman named Jose from Denmark. He bought our vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 last year. "That’s no problem, I will make a file to you of how to repair the deep dish wheels. You can have a deep understand of it."

First, you must use our longer ruby probe and longer diamond cutters. That is an important point, you must use our ruby probe to detect the deep dish wheels not use laser detection. why we said that ruby probe detection is better than laser detection. Because it can avoid the weakness of laser detector, high precision, wide range of application. For the laser detection, it is not good for detect deep dish wheels. Because it has limited. Due to laser diffusion, the visual diameter is about 1mm. Due to its working principle, laser detection is only suitable for relatively smooth wheel hub detection, and its applicability will be severely reduced for complex wheel curves.

Second, measure the depth of the back of the wheel (the vertical distance between the highest point and the lowest point to be cut).Use the handwheel unit to control the movement of the probe to the deepest part of the wheel to determine to check whether the probe can be detected safely. Please note manually control the detection process by turning the handwheel unit, and observe at any time to ensure detection safety.

Third, when the detection is completed, remove the wheel, and then rotate the tool holder to the No1 position, install the tool and perform tool setting. Because our machine adopted automatic 4 station electric toolpost. It is more high precision and easy to change the tools, It can be switched by one key, and the tool change time is fast.

Fourth, When preparing to cut, input a positive value of 2mm for the first cutting depth to complete the first cutting. From the second cutting, every time a negative value is input, the wheel is gradually cut and repaired.

Why HIENCE wheel repair machine can repair more various type wheels. Because every details is better than others. For example, the integral cast iron bed and the gantry structure have extremely high stability, 2 axis with high precision linear guide, metal shield and plastic protective, hand wheel unit which is human-machine friendly, control the X/Z axis, the feed speed can be adjusted.

If you want to know details about our wheel repair machine, please leave message to us. It’s honor to talk more with you.

How to repair deep dish wheels on alloy wheel repair machine

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Originally published 28 Aug 2021, updated 28 Aug 2021.

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