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Tips for choosing a wheel repair machine

16 Feb 2024

During our negotiations with many customers, many customers have questions about the purchase decision of horizontal wheel repair machines and vertical wheel repair machines. In fact, wheel repair machine on the market come in different sizes, both horizontal and vertical.

We often encounter customers asking the same question, I need the best wheel repair machine, which one is better, horizontal lathe or vertical lathe? Which type of lathe works better as a wheel repair machine?

First of all, we will first understand the customer's purchasing needs, whether there are requirements for the repair size of the machine and the size of the machine itself. For example, a previous requirement from a Singaporean customer was for a small machine because his workshop was relatively small. If the machine's footprint was too large, his workshop could not accommodate it. So considering all factors, he finally purchased our vertical DCM35P series machine.

You can see that the overall design of DCM35P-MAX is smaller than the horizontal type. Many customers have requirements for space occupancy. The DCM35P-MAX has a small footprint. Although the size is small, we designed the maximum size of the repairable wheels to be 26 inches. It can meet most of the alloy wheel size repairs. Our vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX is easy to operate with a 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. It also adds some new functions, such as air blow cooling and chip removal, a built-in camera monitoring function.

However, some customers prefer heavy-duty machines, and they have no requirements for the machine's floor space. They prefer heavy-duty mechanical equipment and believe that heavy-duty machines will achieve better repair results. For this, we recommend the horizontal wheel repair machine AWR28HPC. The integral cast iron bed can keep the accuracy of the machine for a long time, the cast iron bed has good shock absorption performance, which plays a very good role in guaranteeing the repair of the wheels.

Whether it is a horizontal or vertical wheel repair machine, the functions of them are the same and they can achieve perfect repair results. So you don't need to hesitate and just choose the right machine according to your specific needs. If you are hesitating to buy a vertical or horizontal wheel machine, you may get the answer after seeing you here.

Tips for choosing a wheel repair machine

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Originally published 16 Feb 2024, updated 16 Feb 2024.

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