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Excellent quality makes the wheel repair machine go to the world

22 Feb 2021

The market is like a battlefield, the competition is fierce and changeable, whether an enterprise can base itself on the market and keep going for a long time, of course, it depends on the market, company size, products, capital and many other factors, but "product quality" is certainly a most important factor. It can be said that product quality is the eternal life of enterprises, is the cornerstone of product competitiveness, related to the future development of enterprises. Taian Hiscience Machinery Co., Ltd with many years of development history, it is by virtue of the "product quality" this sharp edge, to explore the company's development road, "product quality determines the direction of enterprise life" this true proposition to make a good interpretation.

High quality raw materials are an important prerequisite

As we all know, the main factors that determine the quality of any product are raw materials, equipment, methods, environment, etc., among which the choice of raw materials is the main determinant. For this reason, HIENCE vertical wheel repair machine with gantry structure, cast iron body, strong rigidity, to avoid the wheel in the process of cutting caused by vibration texture; The two axis guide rail adopts linear guide rail, ball screw and other key components to realize accurate control. The main motor adopts servo motor, which can maintain strong torque at different speeds. The machine is equipped with automatic tool post, and the tool and detecting station conversion is realized by the cnc control system. Guide rail and lead screw are completely closed and protected to avoid precision damage caused by aluminum debris entering. In addition, the movement of key components with automatic lubrication system. The high quality of wheel repair lathe, for the future development of the company has brought great benefits.

Advanced technology is an important guarantee.

As the saying goes, "Science and technology are primary productive forces", a word which has been validated by numerous successful practices, high quality products certainly can not do without the blessing of advanced technologies.We are a leader in the production of wheel repair lathe machine. With many years of experience and continuous updating of technology, we have developed our own wheel repair software and set the detection starting point with one key. It is easy to operate. Wheel repair machine can detect and cut automatically, and it also has a database for storing the detection parameters, which can be used to repair the same models of wheels next time, which can save time and money and provide convenience for users. Through the double guarantee of equipment and technology, our product quality is further improved.

Excellent talent is a necessary support.

High-quality raw materials and advanced technology are important pillars of quality, but excellent technical staff is a powerful guarantee for the quality and life of corporate brands. We have a large number of excellent technical personnel, and the technical personnel engaged in research and development also have many years of rich experience in research and development and production. At the same time, we have also implemented an incentive mechanism that gives full play to personal enthusiasm, so that many excellent people can have a better development here. As the saying goes, talent is power, which is inseparable from praised high-quality products.

"Quality is the life of enterprise brand", these for hannes machinery is not an armchair strategy, is actually practice. We always believe that product quality is the foundation of the company's survival, and we firmly adhere to this belief, and make our wheel repair machine goes global.

Excellent quality makes the wheel repair machine go to the world

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Originally published 22 Feb 2021, updated 22 Feb 2021.

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