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Automatic wheel repair machine is the super star of automobile repair equipment

31 Oct 2019

When a wheel with a broken surface is taken to the wheel repair shop, if the repair can be as perfect as before, or even brighter, cooler, more beautiful, the shop must be using automatic alloy wheel repair lathe machine.

Let's dive into what is an automatic wheel repair lathe?

Automatic wheel repair lathe is the lathe, curve coordinates of the original wheel surface are obtained by automatic detection, and then with the diamond cutter along the curve obtained by the detection for a full range of perfect repair. Although some alloy wheel repair shops are not new to this kind of equipment, but most of them are using a manual lathe rather than automatic, which requires you to complete a lot of manual operations and spend more time to repair a wheel, and the repair effect can’t be effectively controlled.

Therefore, whether now or in the future, automatic equipment is always what our users need. It allows you to complete your work easily and happily, and more importantly, your customers will be very satisfied with your service.

The rims of a car must be like the leather shoes of an elite, allowing his confidence to rush from foot to brain. Automatic wheel lathe is controlled by the control system of precision and perfect output. The diamond cutter tip cuts from the wheel edge controlled by the system, lightly across the wheel surface, leaves a dense and even pattern cutting lines. When exposed to light, the perfect cutting lines will reflect a perfect rainbow into your eyes, like the rainbow after the rain, let you feel very pure and fresh.

In other words, if you want to improve the quality of your service, or attract more customers to seek your service, the automatic wheel repair lathe is one of the most advanced equipment in your store. Luxury car rims, by contrast, need such a lathe, because it can make the wheels shine again. Like a supermodel, you can make yourself stand out at all costs.

You don't have to worry about how to use machine because you don't know how to use the lathe, because we have considered for you. The machine has been perfectly simplified design, so that the user can complete the operation in a few simple steps. In the mean time you can have a cup of coffee, a perfect wheel is repaired a moment later.

Automatic wheel repair machine is the super star of automobile repair equipment

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Originally published 31 Oct 2019, updated 31 Oct 2019.

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