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Wheel repair machine can help you save time and effort

02 Feb 2024

As the skeleton of tires, automobile wheels play an important role in automobile parts. How to repair damaged wheel surface efficiently, quickly and effortlessly has become a problem for all of car repair shops. Traditional methods of repairing damaged wheel surfaces are time-consuming and laborious. And it is only suitable for minor wheel problems, which are difficult to perfectly repair by manual polishing. If you want good repair effect and fast repair, our wheel repair machine will become your first choice.

Our wheel repair machine is highly automated and equipped with 4 station automatic tool changers. It can change tools with one click without manual work, and it is equipped with a 17-inch PC controller. All operations can be completed through the PC touch screen without unnecessarily complicated buttons, users can better understand how to use it. In addition, before the wheel detection, you only need to set the start point and end point and some simple parameters , which can greatly save time and effort.It only takes 4 simple steps to get a perfect wheel surface.

HIENCE has always been manufacturing wheel repair machines with the concept of benefiting customers. All of system software, internal structure, and appearance design are independently developed, designed and produced by our company. Especially in 2023, our wheel repair machine has made major changes, adding camera monitoring function, air blowing cooling function, air gun chip blowing function, Fuma wheel function and automatic safety door function, which not only provides convenience to customers, It also saves time and effort for customers.

Our company is still innovating and striving to provide customers with wheel repair machines DCM35P-MAX of saving more time and effort. We have a R&D team with more than 20 years of experience in wheel repair machines. They understand the needs of customers very well. Through customer feedback and current market demand, We will soon launch many more competitive wheel repair machines. Let us look forward to it together.

HIENCE's wheel repair machine is currently the most advanced. The wheel repair machine not only saves time and effort, but also repair effect is very good. If you want help with wheel repair machine, please feel free to contact us.

Wheel repair machine can help you save time and effort

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Originally published 02 Feb 2024, updated 02 Feb 2024.

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