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What are your concerns about buying a wheel repair machine

25 Apr 2021

With the development of automobile technology, automobiles have gradually entered thousands of households. The maintenance of automobiles is also closely related to people's lives. The maintenance and repair of automobile wheels are also very important. It also needs wheel repair equipment to complete this kind of work. However, more and more auto repair shops are now using automated equipment, such as fully automatic wheel repair lathe , fully automatic tire changer machine, and wheel balance machine. Automation equipment has become the choice of most repair shops, because fully automatic equipment has a high degree of automation, high work efficiency, time savings, and increased the turnover of the shop.

Let me share with you a short story between me and the owner of an auto repair shop. First, let me introduce how we started this cooperation and friendship. One night, I received an order from this customer. In line with the principle of customer first service, I immediately contacted the customer as soon as I received the order. Fortunately, he quickly replied to me, "Hello, I need a wheel repair machine. What is the price for the machine to be shipped to my country?" After I quoted the price to the customer, the customer said, "OK, I will arrange payment tomorrow. " My inner activities were very rich at the time. I asked myself, did the customer confirm the order so simply? Will this customer really buy my machine? With these questions we ended our first conversation. Then I started investigating the client's company background. Briefly introduce my customer now, Kazumasa is operating an auto repair shop and has been in this industry for many years. This year, he wants to expand the business of the shop, so he is considering buying wheel repair equipment.

When I continued to follow up Kazumasa the next day, he told me, "I asked several companies at the same time yesterday, but you are the one who responded to me in the shortest time. I trust your company service, so I want to cooperate with you." Next, I introduced him to the details and advantages of the machine. Our vertical wheel repair machine DCM32P is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. All operations can be finished on PC controller. Can realize rainbow line effect, mirror effect and big line effect. He was satisfied with our wheel repair machine and arrange the payment on the third day.

From this story we can draw a conclusion, while pursuing product quality, customers also care about pre-sales and after-sales services, which is also an important factor in promoting cooperation between the two parties. Therefore, as a pioneer in the production of alloy wheel repair lathe machine, we have been committed to developing the best products and providing the best and most considerate services to customers.

What are your concerns about buying a wheel repair machine

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Originally published 25 Apr 2021, updated 25 Apr 2021.

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