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A story from a South African wheel repair machine customer

01 Dec 2021

"Hi Doris, how are you today?" One day in the afternoon, when I was working, my South African customer Martin sent me a message.

"Hi Martin, pretty good, thanks. And you?" I replied him.

"Not so good." Martin said.

"What’s wrong my friend?" I asked him.

"I have bought two sets of wheel repair machines from other factories, but the machines are not work very good, and the effect of wheel repair is also very poor, they can't achieve the repair effect I want. I see your machines on Facebook, and your alloy wheel repair machine can get the beautiful wheel repair result like beautiful rainbow line effect. That’s amazing, could you tell me why your machine can get such perfect wheel repair effect?" Martin told me the reason why he was unhappy.

"No problem, Martin. Our diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine adopts self-developed optimization software, through adjusting the parameter settings, so that the surface of the wheels can achieve various repair effects such as rainbow line effect, big line effect, and mirror surface. If the surface of your wheel is locally damaged, our wheel repair machine can also be repaired. The local detection curve can be processed through the optimization software in the control panel, and the local deep cutting can be performed to get a perfect repair. If you want to improve the service level and meet the needs of customers for different wheel repair effects, you can choose us and have a try about our machine, you can get a new experience about the wheel repair effect!" I explained the advantages of our machine to Martin.

"Thank you so much Doris, after hearing so much explanation, I have a deep understanding of your alloy wheel repair machine, we will have a wheel repair lathe machine purchase plan next year, I will tell my partner to buy your machine, because your service attitude and machine quality are very good.

"Thank you Martin, and look forward to our long-term cooperation!" Although this customer has not purchased our machine yet, he will consider our company first when he purchases the machine next year, because our machine quality, wheel repair effect and professional service attitude make the customer feel that we are trustworthy!

A story from a South African wheel repair machine customer

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Originally published 01 Dec 2021, updated 01 Dec 2021.

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