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The newest alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX in 2023

25 Mar 2023

In order to meet the needs of alloy wheel end face repair, we have upgraded the vertical wheel repair machine, the new product model is DCM35P-MAX. Not only is our wheel repair machine super easy to learn and operate, but it can make a huge difference to your damaged wheels.

Next, I will introduce our wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX for you in detail. It has a variety of user-friendly designs.

First, the overall design is small, and we adopted the cast-iron bed structure instead of the aluminum alloy structure, which not only ensures the machine is small enough, but also guarantees the stability of the machine when repairing the large and heavy wheel. The floor area is only 1.99㎡.

You don’t have to worry about the operation. It only takes four steps to complete the wheel repair, the specific steps are wheel installation, rim detection, wheel curve optimization, and wheel cutting. Our wheel repair lathe DCM35P-MAX adopts a 17-inch touch screen, which is easy to learn and operate. It’s our self-developed software specially used for wheel repair. All operations can be done on the PC controller, and without unnecessarily complicated buttons, users can better understand how to use it. In addition, before the rim detection, you only need to set the start point and end point and some simple parameters. And it supports different languages, such as Italian, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, and so on. It can meet the requirements of customers in other countries for language differences.

The automatic 4-station tool holder is a bright spot, one-key to switch the ruby probe and diamond cutter. It has some advantages, can be switched by one key, and the tool change time is fast, only need 2.6S. The two-axis guide rail adopts the line rail, which has fast moving speed, high precision and low noise. The two axes of the machine are equipped with aluminum chip shields to block the entry of aluminum chips and protect the machine from running safely.

In addition, some new functions have been added to wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX. The air cooling system has the function of removing aluminum chips during the cutting process, which ideally guarantees the cutting effect. We have also added a camera function, which is more convenient for customers to observe the situation of the wheels during processing. The built-in air gun is within reach for easy removal of aluminum shavings from wheels and in operating rooms. The lighting system has spotlights, main work lights, rear auxiliary lights, etc., and there is no blind spot lighting during operation.

DCM35P-MAX is a cost-effective wheel repair lathe designed by the Marketing Department and discussed by the Technical Department. If you want to know more details about DCM35P-MAX, please contact us.

The newest alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX in 2023

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Originally published 25 Mar 2023, updated 25 Mar 2023.

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