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Latest wheel repair machine is coming

26 Apr 2024

Do you know about this wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX?

HIENCE Wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX with self-designed software which only for wheel repair. DCM35P-MAX equipped with automatic 4-station tool holder is also a bright spot, it reduces the link of manual tool change, and also reduces the user's worry about the lock position of tool change, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair. We adopt ruby detection system, the probe with high accuracy 0.002mm can perfectly copy the original curve of the wheels. Wear-resistant, long service life. Contact-type detection is more stable and accurate than traditional laser detection.

Why is it said that when buying a wheel repair machine, you must look for the source factory?

HIENCE is newly designed full automatic wheel repair machine manufacturer with more than 10 years experience. HIENCE as the source factory is cheaper than traders and does not earn you the price difference. It has diversified models for you to choose from. It has sufficient inventory, is available to the world, can be shipped at any time, and can also be given to you. Provide high-quality professional services.

Wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX has already been distributed to several European countries, the Middle East, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.etc Recently, a customer from the United Arab Emirates learned about the details of our products. Fly directly to the factory for a detailed discussion. He said" I am currently operating a wheel repair shop. Now I urgently need a fully automatic wheel repair lathe to expand my business. If test good, I will buy more machine from you in the future. " Live learning was conducted directly under the guidance of staff. After about 30 minutes of studying, the shy boy said it was very easy. Yes, this machine is indeed very easy to operate, even if you don't know the relevant knowledge of CNC lathes. We will provide detailed instructions and operating steps.

If you also interested in wheel repair machine, Please feel free to contact us.

Latest wheel repair machine is coming

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Originally published 26 Apr 2024, updated 26 Apr 2024.

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