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Wheel repair machine give you an edge over the competition

30 Mar 2021

With the development of the economy, almost every family has at least one car, the increase of cars also makes the car maintenance industry development very fast, so the wheel repair shops have sprung up, the wheel repair industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the automotive industry. Do you feel that the market competition in the wheel repair and maintenance industry is becoming more and more fierce? If you are looking for a best way to increase profits, establish a foothold in the highly competitive wheel repair market, and maintain your competitive advantage, I think HIENCE new developed vertical alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 will be a good helper for you!

We know that there are numerous manufacturers in the international market, the competitive pressure is very high, and we have more and more competitors, the traditional method of repairing wheels can no longer adapt to the trend of the times. So how do you win with an absolute competitive advantage in such a fiercely competitive market? The answer is that the details determine success or failure, product details reflect product quality.

HIENCE vertical diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is a high automatic and high accuracy machine, it is developed by our own technical team, the machine adopts cast iron body, it uses mature designs such as gantry structure, cast iron bed, X/Z axis linear rail, precision ball screw, etc. It ensure the stability of the wheel repair machine, and you can set some parameter to get the wheel repair effect that you want to have, for example, you can set different parameters to get the rainbow line effect, mirror line effect and even big line effect. To achieve these effects requires high requirements on the stability of the machine tool, the control components, and the accuracy of the mechanical components. And this is also a good attraction for customers who require high quality wheel repair.

Our alloy wheel repair lathe machine DCM35P-2 uses a ruby probe detection system. Compared with the wheel repair lathe of the laser detection system, this ensures the accuracy of the detection curve and the effect of wheel repair.

Now people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of their car wheels, which also puts forward higher requirements for our wheel maintenance. For those high-value wheels, the use of cheap wheel repair machine with poor repair effects is likely to bring you money and loss of reputation, and lose more customers. HIENCE high automatic diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe machine will achieve perfect repair results, which can avoid these risks for you, it also can attract more customers for you, and bring you more profits, and use HIENCE more advanced machines can ensure that you are invincible in the fierce market competition!

Wheel repair machine give you an edge over the competition

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Originally published 30 Mar 2021, updated 30 Mar 2021.

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