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Repair Aston Martin wheels with an alloy wheel repair machine

08 May 2020

Do you like Aston Martin's sports car? Yes, very much! My client recently had an Aston Martin DB11 repaired at alloy repair shop by our wheel repair machine Car is very beautiful, the great pioneer, as a new generation of sports car DB11 become Aston Martin ever more powerful, more efficient a "DB" vehicles, the vehicle carrying twin turbocharged 5.2 liter V12 engine or twin turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 engine, the Aston Martin GT supercar inheritance ascend to the height of the remarkable.

When you see this car, believe that you have fallen in love with it. When Mr Peter drove the car into the repair shop, it was clear that the wheel had a nasty scratch somewhere, perhaps on a rock or a curb. Then Peter spoke, "because when reversing accidentally met on opposite sides-to hold the side of the road, is too bad," and he loves his car very much, see the injured wheel Peter very depressed. Mr Max told Peter "Don't worry, we have recently a new wheel repair lathe can let you of the wheel into a new, even more beautiful than new, so you don't have to worry about now."

Peter wanted to find out because he had never seen a machine like this repair a wheel. After Max had removed the wheel from the car, he followed Max to the machine. Max helped him a lot by telling him that he bought the machine from China and that the quality was very good. He had fixed the wheel to the machine during the conversation. As Max becomes very skilled, Peter slowly relaxes to see what will happen to his wheel. Max moved the ruby probe pin to the edge of the wheel and the innermost side of the wheel respectively, which was the starting point and the end point of collecting the hub repair. Then he pressed the button to start the probe.

When the wheel repair lathe detection is completed, the detection curve needs to be optimized, and then form the most perfect repair process, and then can be repaired. It was really exciting to see Max start cutting with a diamond tool. Peter is very concerned about whether the wheel will affect safety by cutting off too much material. Max told him that the machine only cut about 0.1 to 0.3 mm of material, very thin, will not affect the structure and safety of the wheel.

Seeing the wheel spinning on the machine coming to an end, I was curious to see what his wheel would look like. When Max removed the repaired wheel from the machine, he really surprised Peter. The scratch on the wheel was gone, and what he saw was a brand new wheel. Nothing seemed to have happened, and it looked better than before.

The wheel has been installed in the car. Peter is very happy and grateful to Max for his good service. If there is any problem, he will come to him again.

For the alloy wheel repair shop, a reassuring device is very important for the owner and the owner, especially for a luxury car like Aston Martin, if a poor quality wheel repair lathe due to the quality of the hub damage, for the owner and the owner is a kind of harm. The shop mainly compensates for the wheel, the owner will be very angry and frustrated.

The Aston Martin DB11 is one of my favorite cars. Do you like the wheel repaired by our alloy wheel repair lathe?

Repair Aston Martin wheels with an alloy wheel repair machine

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Originally published 08 May 2020, updated 08 May 2020.

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