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A good wheel repair machine is your advantage in the wheel service

31 May 2021

As the owner of auto care center wheel repair shop, he hopes to improve the efficiency of wheel repair through a wheel repair lathe. Expand the scope of business to attract more customers. He is Adrian.

As the originator of wheel repair lathes, HIENCE is committed to the research and development, design and manufacture of new products. HIENCE exports many sets of equipment to Europe, America, South Africa, Australia and other countries. Adrian saw our machine from his good friend in Kosovo, and the customer feedback was very good. So he recommend Adrian to contact our company directly. I believe this must be the result of HIENCE always insisting on quality first.

With the continuous development and growth of the wheel and wheel repair market, the survival of the fittest is an inevitable result, and the era of relying only on traditional methods to repair wheels has passed. So how do you win with an absolute competitive advantage in such a fiercely competitive market? The secret is the wheel repair lathe.

What is a good wheel repair lathe?

First of all, the repair effect is an important evaluation criterion for evaluating the comprehensive performance of machine tool quality and accuracy.

1. As long as a wheel repair lathe can achieve the mirror effect, by setting the parameters, it is possible to easily achieve the drawing effect of different densities. But the machine that can achieve the effect of wire drawing can not necessarily achieve the mirror effect. Achieving the mirror effect is equivalent to a very comprehensive ability test for the rigidity of the machine tool, the response speed of the control part and the mechanical part, and the linear transmission accuracy of the X-axis and Z-axis.

2. Our wheel repair lathe uses R1.5 diamond cutters, which can achieve perfect mirror effect, which is also an important criterion for testing the quality of the wheel repair lathe. However, other wheel hub lathes on the market have poor rigidity and can only be cut with sharp knives instead of arc knives.

Secondly, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of the wheel hub, which puts forward higher requirements for our wheel hub maintenance. For those high-value wheels, the use of lathes with poor repair effects is likely to bring you money and loss of reputation, and lose more customers. The HIENCE wheel repair lathe will achieve a perfect repair effect, which can avoid these risks and attract more customers for you.

Finally, in the fierce market competition, many customers give up repairing damaged wheels due to high maintenance costs. After purchasing our wheel repair lathes, there is basically no cost for wheel repairs, so that we can maintain our price advantage and attract more customer of.

After Adrian get those information, he make the payment for the amazing machine, When he received wheel repair lathe and he is very happy to share pictures to us.

A good wheel repair machine is your advantage in the wheel service

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Originally published 31 May 2021, updated 31 May 2021.

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