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The updated new wheel repair machine brings you greater surprises

19 Apr 2024

The wheel repair machine is specially designed for repairing and refurbishing alloy wheels and can be used to repair the wheel surface and edges. The machine has higher efficiency, is simple and easy to operate, and users do not need to master complex processing procedures. It can achieve repair effects such as mirror surface and brushed surface with different densities.

Our Spanish customer Mr.Mike runs a professional wheel repair shop. He told me, "The peak season for our wheel repair industry has arrived, and there are more wheels to be delivered this year, so he needs to buy another wheel repair machine." Mike purchased a horizontal wheel repair machine AWR28HPC in 2020, so I recommended him the horizontal model which he prefer. The old model AWR28HPC has been widely praised by customers during their use. In order to meet the greater needs of customers, our company has recently developed and upgraded the horizontal PC intelligent automatic wheel repair machine AWR28HPC-PRO. This is also a relatively advanced piece of equipment in the world. Because automation and intelligent equipment are always the products that people prefer and pursue now and in the future. With the rapid development of the times and the pursuit of speed and results, this wheel lathe is the best choice for wheel repair.

The wheel repair machine AWR28HPC-PRO has some upgrade highlights.

a.The AWR28HPC-PRO can be operated from both sides, front and back, so there is no operational obstacle.

b.The manual tool holder is upgraded to an automatic 4-station tool holder. Automatic 4-station tool holder reduces the link of manual tool change, and also reduces the user's worry about the lock position of tool change, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair.

c.The guide rail is upgraded to a linear rail, which runs faster, has higher precision and is quieter. This also ensures the uniformity of the cutter pattern and the accuracy of the repair when the wheel is repaired.

d.The rim straightening function can be added on the wheel repair machine AWR28HPC-PRO. Diamond cutting wheel repairing and rim straightening can be combined into one.

e.Small machine size but large repair size. The upgraded AWR28HPC-PRO is smaller and occupies less space than the old model. This model is also a very good choice for a wheel restoration shop or car restoration shop that does not have a lot of space to place a wheel repair machine. Although it is smaller than the old model, our engineers maximized the turning diameter of the lathe within the limited space, and accordingly increased the size of the wheel hub that can be repaired. Currently, the maximum wheel repair size we design can reach 28 inches, which can meet the repair requirements of most wheel sizes.

Please feel free to contact us for more machine details, if you are interested in our new upgraded model AWR28HPC-PRO.

The updated new wheel repair machine brings you greater surprises

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Originally published 19 Apr 2024, updated 19 Apr 2024.

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