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Diamond cutting wheel repair machine makes your business booming

15 Jan 2022

The abominable COVID has made the car service business difficult and slow. Many wheel repair shops are looking for the perfect wheel repair machine in order to recover the business. Because they think only the beautiful wheel repair effect can attract customers to the store. This is true!

"Hi, we are from Singapore and we have a few questions. Can the wheel repair machine power supply to your machine DCM28P be made to accommodate Singapore power supply 220/240v? Can DCM28P cut deep dish alloy wheels like the DCM-35P-2 and DCM32P?" Said Alice from Singapore. For me, I am very happy that customers can ask me more questions and want to know more about our wheel repair machine. I replied" For the DCM28P, it is a small model, 23inch is no problem, but I also need to confirm the max. thickness of your wheels. Can I know what's the max. thickness of your wheels? If you want to repair deep dish wheels, I will suggest you choose DCM35P-2. Because it needs big travel of Z axis. Generally, we suggest you use three phase power, because the machine is big and if you want to have best performance, the three phase will be stability." That’s good. Alice told me that she follows our posts for a long while, she checked all videos and products of mine, and she is going to purchase it, she wants to know the production time of the DCM28P. I replied that We only have one set DCM28P in stock now. Because another customer from Italy ordered one set yesterday. For this DCM28P, we can arrange shipment in 7 days. Alice is very happy about it," In fact you will be surprised with our purchase, it will be the first dedicated alloy wheel lathe machine in Singapore." Yes, this is also our first customer in Singapore. We have exclusive agent in Germany, England, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Australia and Turkey which is great to show that our quality, but there is no customer in Singapore, I think we can cooperate with you for a great friendship. Alice also agreed with me, she said" I believe the purchase is just the first step. I trust that the future support is as great, how about your warranty and support." Our machine warranty is one year but we can provide life-time service, the machine supports remote assistance, and our engineers can provide services online.

In the end, Alice makes the deal, and they are using the wheel repair machine well now. The wheel repair machine extends the business. Many customers saw the machine, they are also interested and want to invest a machine in their workshop.

Diamond cutting wheel repair machine makes your business booming

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Originally published 15 Jan 2022, updated 15 Jan 2022.

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