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Best wheel repair machine in the world

12 Jul 2021

"Best wheel repair machine in the world, perfect" Mr Faton said.

In 2020, Mr Faton, a customer from Kosovo, bought our wheel repair lathe AWR28HPC . It has been used for more than a year and the machine is running very well. He is very satisfied with our machine. We are now very good friend.

No matter how good the quality of the machine is, it will inevitably fail during use, or be unusable due to damage to a certain component. For our sellers, it is not only necessary to provide customers with the best machines, but also to help solve problems in time when the customers' machines have problems.

In June 2021, his machine had a fault that the machine software could not be opened normally. When the fault first appeared, it could be used normally if it was restarted, and the fault reappeared after a period of use. It is the most difficult to troubleshoot after the machine breaks down, especially the ups and downs, and this is the first time we have encountered this kind of problem since we exported the wheel repair lathe.

After the malfunction, Mr Faton was under great pressure because he had a lot of wheels waiting to be repaired. We also understand very well that we are also under great pressure before the fault is determined, but we are very grateful to Mr Faton for his patience in handling the problem.

Because the failure of this machine is sometimes good and sometimes bad, all the operations need to be done to troubleshoot the failure. Finally, with the cooperation of Mr Faton, it was finally determined that a control component was damaged. After determining the cause of the failure, we sent the accessories to the customer in time. After the replacement, the machine can now be used normally.

After the fault is resolved, we will continue to communicate. Now the machine can operate normally and our communication is very pleasant. He said "Hahaha see my friend, I support you all the time" "Best company ever. Most correct people" and took a group photo and sent it to us.

We are very happy to have such customers. I hope all bosses who do wheel repair business can use our machines.

Best wheel repair machine in the world

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Originally published 12 Jul 2021, updated 12 Jul 2021.

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