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Why would he choose our wheel repair machine again

27 Nov 2020

"Hello, brother, we need to buy another wheel repair lathe machine AWR28HPC from you."

"Okay, the price is the same as last time, and it will be shipped immediately after payment. Our workshop has one set in stock."

This customer called our brother is called Peter. He bought one of our automatic wheel repair machine in 2018. It was a machine invested to open a new wheel repair shop, plus transportation and customs clearance costs. It is indeed a lot of money investment. For our company, quality is the first priority. The price of our machines may be higher than other suppliers, but every penny spent by customers buying our machines is worth it. Because if the customer gets the machine, the quality of the machine is problematic, there are often problems or the effect of using it is extremely poor, even if the machine is cheaper, the money spent will become the burden of the shopkeeper.

At that time, he and his partner came to visit our company, personally inspected the operation of the machine, and was very satisfied with the performance and quality of the machine. He paid a deposit and purchased the machine at the same time. At the same time, he bought a tyre changer, etc. equipment. They are all coming to China for the first time and very excited about what they have seen and heard in China. We also received them very warmly.

In the photo, friends can see that the machines on both sides of Peter are of the same model, but there is a new machine on the left. This machine is newly purchased from our company in 2020. When the machine arrived in his store, Peter couldn't help but quickly took a photo and sent it to us. Thank you very much for his support. The smile of the customer is the driving force for us to move forward. I wish him better and better business.

Diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe machine are currently our company’s main product. We have been developing new products on the premise of ensuring the quantity and quality of the current products. For example, our new vertical wheel repair machine has now been introduced to the market and has been well received by users. What are the advantages of the vertical structure for rim repair? First, the user only needs to put the wheel on the chuck when installing the wheel, and then fix it. Second, the mounting position of the wheel of the vertical rim repair lathe is relatively low, so that the user can observe the wheel more conveniently while using the machine, and reduce the human error of wheel repair. Third, it is also very important to some users, that is, its relatively small size.

The vertical wheel repair lathe is the latest wheel repair lathe machine with a higher degree of automation. It uses a comprehensive PC controller, all operations can be done on it, and there are no extra complicated buttons, users can better understand how to use it. The automatic 4-station tool holder is also a bright spot. It reduces the links of manual tool change and at the same time reduces the user's worries about the locked position of the tool change, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair. The design of the automatic safety door not only eliminates the manual door closing process, but also increases the safety guarantee for users when the machine is running.

"Details determine success or failure" The same is true for machine design. The guide rail used by the vertical rim repair lathe machine is a linear guide, which has a fast running speed and high precision. And we added a protective cover to the screw to prevent aluminum chips from entering the screw. Although it is a relatively small design, it is very important because aluminum chips are very small and sticky. If they enter the guide rail, The wheel repair machine will be a fatal failure. There is also an aluminum chip storage box, which makes the maintenance of the machine more convenient.

If you are operating a wheel repair shop, do you also want to try our wheel repair lathe? Looking forward to working with you!

Why would he choose our wheel repair machine again

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Originally published 27 Nov 2020, updated 27 Nov 2020.

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