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Comments from New Zealand customer on wheel repair machine

19 Oct 2019

Are you running a wheel repair shop? Some wheel repair shop still rely on grinding to eliminate scratches, but many developed countries have already stepped into the use of advanced automatic wheel repair lathe to repair wheel surface scratches damage, and the repaired wheel is more beautiful than before, more personality, more dazzling. And saved a lot of time cost, time is very precious to the owner and owner of cars.

How can I find a good supplier of wheel repair lathe? How can I be sure that this supplier's alloy wheel repair lathe is reliable before purchase? No matter how much the supplier praises himself, it is not as reliable as a user's evaluation of him.

We have a customer from New Zealand named Paul, who is an expert with more than 20 years' experience in wheel repair and has been using a manual lathe to repair wheels. Before Paul came to visit my company, I gave Paul a detailed explanation of the performance and automation of our hub lathes. He was very excited and decided to visit our factory in China. He wanted to further understand the difference between HISCIENCE machine and other suppliers and the leading technology of our wheel lathes. During his stay in China, he learned that as a wheel lathe supplier with many years of manufacturing experience, our company's strength, product quality and reputation guarantee are trustworthy, and our core technology let him praise repeatedly. He was also very pleased with our reception and told me that we had turned his work in China into a holiday and were looking forward to years of trade and friendship. When the machine arrived at Paul's shop, he was also very good, very satisfied with the machine, and very happy to take photos of him and the machine.

My customers, or my friends, because my machine has good quality, my customers use it very well, so the cooperation time will naturally be long, we will be friends after long time. They often post pictures or video on Facebook of some of the wheels they have repaired, many of them are luxury car wheels, the quality of the wheels is very good, the natural repair effect will be extraordinary, when the light up, the whole wheel will appear a perfect rainbow. I can imagine that the owner of the car would be shocked to see his wheels repaired in this way, because I was shocked across the screen.

We have a lot of customers like Paul who really trust us. Trust is a wonderful thing, but I always believe that you are the most trustworthy if you treat customers with the best quality service, provide the highest quality products to customers and make them happy.

Comments from New Zealand customer on wheel repair machine

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Originally published 19 Oct 2019, updated 19 Oct 2019.

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