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Auto repair shop how to buy a professional wheel repair machine

16 Mar 2021

Having good auto repair equipment is the key to the successful operation of the auto repair shop. Whether it has advanced maintenance equipment, whether it can be repaired, and whether it can meet customer maintenance needs quickly and efficiently has become a prerequisite for competitiveness, and it also represents the strength of a repair shop.

What kind of equipment can make your repair shop have good competitiveness? When you search for a wheel repair shop, you will suddenly pop up a lot of on-site pictures of the wheel repair shop, and the pictures often contain these equipment. For example, tire raking machine, shaping machine, automatic calibration machine. It seems that these devices have become standard equipment in wheel repair shops. When all the devices are the same, how do you stand out and attract more customers? Does it depend on the repair skills of the workers? No. Workers in other homes have also mastered a lot of the skills you have mastered. In the face of increasingly developed product technology, what I can think of is to continue to purchase some high-end equipment. Such as wheel repair lathes. This aspect greatly improves the efficiency of repair. In addition, the perfect wheel repair effect will surprise you.

So now more and more auto repair shops choose to use wheel repair machine to repair wheels. A good wheel repair machine can attract more customers to patronize your business, improve your service level and make more money. Now, maybe you can wondering what’s the best wheel repair machine for you to select. I think you will interested in our wheel repair machine.

HIENCE's automatic wheel repair machine can not only realize the most basic function of removing scratches, but also realize high bright mirror effect, beautiful big line effect and rainbow effect through simple parameter setting. The damaged wheels can be renewed and more individual without painting. And our automatic wheel repair machine is very easy to operate, saving time and effort. The automatic alloy wheel repair lathe records the detected wheel curve. The wheel of the same model only needs to be detected once, and it can be used directly next time, which saves the time for re-detection. By optimizing the software, the surface curve of the wheel can be restored as much as possible. The alloy wheel repair lathe only needs to set the starting point and the end point to realize automatic detection and automatic cutting. It only takes 20 minutes from detection to optimization and turning for a new wheel, allowing you to serve customers in the shortest possible time.

As a high-end car maintenance shop, if you want to expand your maintenance business, so that your car maintenance shop has no worries, you need to choose the most high-end wheel repair equipment. And I believe that you will find HIENCE’s automatic wheel repair machine is your best choice. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Auto repair shop how to buy a professional wheel repair machine

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Originally published 16 Mar 2021, updated 16 Mar 2021.

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