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A story from a Jordanian wheel repair machine user

11 Oct 2021

If you want to buy a certain product, the most trustworthy and effective way is word of mouth. In today's Internet era, if consumers are interested in a certain product, they will generally search the Internet for all kinds of information about this product, and then after some comparative analysis of their own, will they decide whether to buy it or not. In this process, the credible Internet word-of-mouth plays a key role in consumers' purchasing decisions.

As the best manufacturer and exporter of wheel repair machine, we also pay attention to the evaluation of our users. Because if the quality of our products is not good, the service is not good, and the customer's evaluation of us is not good, then our future market will not be good. We know this very well, so we strictly control the quality of our products, our technical department is constantly updating the use of products, and our customers are very satisfied with our products and services.

Please let me tell you a story about a Jordanian customer Mr. Muhammad using the machine.

The Jordanian customer was very interested after seeing the product on our website and asked if we have any demonstration video of the machine. After I sent him our YouTube video, he was very excited. He said, "I like this very much. The vertical wheel repair lathe looks very advanced and the operation is very simple."

Although this Jordanian friend likes the machine very much, he still wants to see how other buyers use it. Then I sent him the photos that the previous customer used well and sent us. He was very satisfied after reading it. He thought that since your product can be recognized by customers, it means that the product is trustworthy. "I think it’s time Buy it".

Muhamad was very satisfied after receiving the machine. He said that he didn't know how to operate the machine. I told him that we had sent him the detailed instructions and training videos. He followed the training video to operate the machine and quickly mastered how to operate it. But he still wants us to watch his operation video through the video conference whether there is a problem. Through the video conference, we gave guidance on some operations that might send errors, and he was very satisfied.

The wheel repair lathe is a high-precision lathe. Only when the quality is satisfactory, can a good wheel be repaired. Hope that more users can use our products.

A story from a Jordanian wheel repair machine user

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Originally published 11 Oct 2021, updated 11 Oct 2021.

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