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What a good alloy wheel repair machine can do for you

10 Jul 2023

In this rapidly developing information age, the speed of product replacement is accelerating. When you are buying a product, do you shop around? I believe that most people will choose to shop around. The reason why everyone will shop around is because after seeing the first one, even if they are satisfied, they will not rush to make a decision, but want to look at other ones. Maybe the next one will be better, this is the idea that many people will have.

As a buyer, a good product can bring more business and increase store sales. Many buyers will have various worries and hesitation when they first contact and don’t understand your product. So how can we quickly dispel this worry and doubt? Most customers often ask a question "Is anyone using your machine in my country? I want to visit your machine." Even if you introduce your products to customers, they don't know your company and product, they are more concerned about whether your product can bring them the desired results, then the real feedback from users will be more convincing.

As a manufacturer of diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine, we believe that a good wheel repair machine can bring us more customers and increase brand awareness! Last month, a customer from a Middle East country received the machine he purchased from us. He purchased our vertical wheel repair lathe DCM32P-S. The customer quickly mastered the operation of the machine shortly after receiving the machine, and was also very satisfied with the repair effect of the machine. Later, they also shared the video of the machine working. The customer even said that this is the most powerful wheel repair lathe in the world! In just a few days, the real feedback from customers has brought us unexpected results. Some customers who are interested in this machine found us through videos and wanted to know more about the machine. It can be seen that no matter how good the promotional words are, it’s not as good as the praise and referral of customers.

Maybe more people care about whether the operation of the machine is complicated. Because this Alloy Wheel Repair Diamond Cutting Machine DCM32P-S is equipped with 17-inch touch screen control system and automatic tool post, it’s easy to learn and operate. The PC system is developed by ourselves, all operations can be done on PC controller, and there is no unnecessary complex button, users can better understand how to use it. Before detection, you only need to set starting point and ending point and a few simple parameters. And it's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. It also adds some new functions, such as air blow cooling and chip removal, built-in camera monitoring function. In addition, because the voltage of each country is different, so for the convenience of users, our wheel repair lathe can support customizing different voltages.

What a good alloy wheel repair machine can do for you

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Originally published 10 Jul 2023, updated 10 Jul 2023.

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