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The reasons for choosing diamond cutting wheel repair machine

06 Mar 2021

If you are now looking for a wheel repair machine that suits you, what reason do you think you would choose it?

The wheel repair machine is a special lathe specially used to repair scratches and bumps on the surface of the wheel. It is a special equipment formed by the upgrade and transformation of the CNC lathe. Our wheel lathe is not a simple upgrade, especially for our 2021 The latest model DCM35P-2 was based on the development purpose of wheel repair lathes. From castings to sheet metal to accessories are specially designed for wheel repair, so DCM35P-2 is a more advanced professional wheel repair lathe.

We are a supplier in China, corresponding to buyers from Europe, America or other countries. If you choose a reliable wheel lathe, the price is definitely not the first, but the quality is the first. Why do you say this way? If you put the price first, you can choose an expensive machine. If you choose a cheap machine, at least its manufacturing cost will be low, the quality assurance is poor, and the probability of machine failure will be high. If the machine fails, and you have a lot of wheels to repair, are you in a bad mood?

As we all know, because of the epidemic situation, we have restricted the trips we had to make on-site inspections before purchasing. How can we buy machines with confidence? Then I give you one reason is "Someone has already bought our wheel repair lathe before you buy it, and it has been used for more than 5 or 10 years."

I have a Polish customer who just purchased 4 of our DCM35P-2 in January to customize the green appearance. He first purchased our horizontal AWR28H in June 2016. It has been used for more than 4 years so far. During this period, he recommended our machine to his friends. A friend of his bought 3 sets of AWR28HPC at a time. Some other friends bought a vertical model.

The long-term existence and development of a brand must be recognized by customers and supported by customers for a long time. If a customer can buy a brand of wheel lathes for a long time, he must have tested the products of this brand and fully trust him.

We will continue to update real customer purchase cases on the company’s official website and official Facebook homepage, so that you can purchase our wheel lathe products with more confidence, because "someone has already purchased our wheel repair lathe before you buy it, and it works great."

The reasons for choosing diamond cutting wheel repair machine

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Originally published 06 Mar 2021, updated 06 Mar 2021.

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