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Alloy wheel repair machine on Automechanika Shanghai

14 Dec 2019

From December 3rd to 6th, our company attended the Frankfurt exhibition in Shanghai, showing our latest vertical diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe machine. The latest technology and new design attracted a lot of attention to the wheel repair industry of the audience.

The vertical wheel repair lathe is a machine specially designed according to the needs of the market for the wheel repair machine with small volume and large enough wheel repair size, which meets the latest needs of customers and is recognized by the majority of customers.

The main advantages of vertical wheel repair lathe over horizontal wheel repair lathe are as follows:

1. Vertical wheel lathe is more convenient for hub installation. The user simply places the wheel on the chuck jaw and then holds the wheel in place with the chuck. The horizontal wheel lathe requires the user to place the wheel to the claw after a hand to hold the wheel, the other hand to let the chuck clamping, very laborious.

2. Vertical wheel repair lathe is more convenient for users to observe the wheel. The installation position of the wheel of vertical wheel lathe is relatively low, which is very convenient for the user to observe the wheel when operating the machine and reduce mis-operation. Horizontal wheel repair lathe because the wheel is installed in a higher position, the center of the wheel is far from the operating position, when observing the inner position of the wheel is not easy.

3. Vertical rim repair lathe machine has a smaller volume. This specially designed lathe is designed to be relatively small in volume, which is more suitable for wheel repair shop where there is not much operating space. Although the volume of vertical lathe is small, but its wheel repair size is not smaller than the horizontal lathe. Horizontal wheel repair lathe because of the reason of the structure of the machine itself large, large area.

To sum up, I believe you have understood why we want to launch vertical wheel repair lathe. There are few such machines on the market at present, so we have attracted a large number of friends to visit the exhibition. They are especially interested in the machines, and many of them need to prepare a machine like this for their own wheel repair shop.

Our company has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of wheel repair lathe, in order to better meet the needs of customers, as long as you have any special needs or this idea can tell us, your opinion may be the future direction of hub lathe development. We work together for the future hub repair industry.

Alloy wheel repair machine on Automechanika Shanghai

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Originally published 14 Dec 2019, updated 14 Dec 2019.

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