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Story about a wheel repair machine in the Dragon Boat Festival

15 Jun 2021

"Happy Dragon Boat Festival", I received a message. This is a friend customer named Jack from Japan. "I am an owner of auto car service shop, I have seen your post of Dragon Boat Festival with your beautiful diamond cut wheel repair machine, I like it" "Thanks for your comments, we are professional manufacturer of diamond cut wheel repair machine in China. We have many customers over the world. Do you also have Dragon Boat Festival?" I asked suspiciously. "Yes, we also have Dragon Boat Festival, Every year on May 5th in the Gregorian calendar. Since "Changpu" and "Shangwu" are homophonic in Japanese, the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan has gradually become a festival for boys. On this day, families with boys want to hang carp streamers. Vertical carp streamers hope that the children will grow up healthily like a carp. It means "carp leaping dragon gate" in Chinese." I replied"Ok, we have not this activity, but we will eat rice dumplings and race dragon boats " "I know that, because I used to stay in China for two years, can I know where is your factory located?" "Sure, our factory is located in Taian city, Shandong province." Jack said disappointedly"I want to visit your company and take a look at the real machine, but I can’t because the Covid" "Yes. But we can take a video call if you want, we can show you the machine details and operation."

Then we took a video call. I showed him the details of our vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2. Our machine is full automatic, it equipped with PC controller which is special designed by our company. It can realize different wheel repair effect by setting the parameters of the PC touch screen. We adopted automatic 4 station electric toolpost, It has some advantages. It can be switched by one key, and the tool change time is fast.High precision.Can use long time. The machine is use linear guide rail which ensures the accuracy and speed of the machine.Low friction and low noise. Strong interchangeability, convenient maintenance and easy replacement.

The machine adopts gantry structure and integral cast iron bed which can keep the accuracy of the machine and has best high performance. Jack was satisfied with the machine. He asked when can I get this machine after I pay the payment? I replied that because we have the DCM35P-2 in stock now, the delivery time will be fast. It will take one week to test and package. Then we can send the machine to port. He is very happy for that. After Jack take the video call with me, he make the payment for the amazing machine.

Hience has always been committed to building the best quality brand, and we will also use the best quality to give back to customers.

Story about a wheel repair machine in the Dragon Boat Festival

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Originally published 15 Jun 2021, updated 15 Jun 2021.

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