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New vertical wheel repair machine is the best choice for you

08 May 2021

Taian Hiscience Machinery is dedicated in alloy wheel repair machine industry for many years and we have many customers all over the world. We have an indispensable position in the international trade market. Every year, we have many new customers who buy our wheel repair machines, but they think our wheel repair machines are difficult to operate and learn. In fact, this is not the case. Our machines are highly automated and easy to operate. Do you want to know how does the alloy wheel repair machine work? Now, let me explain the specific operation method with our newly developed vertical diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe machine DCM35P-2 in detail.

In fact, it is very easy to operate our vertical diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine, just need four simple steps to repair a damaged or scratched wheel by the vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machine.

The first step, you just need to load the wheel on the chuck with ratchet wrench and fix the wheel. Since the machine is a vertical structure and the location of the chuck is relative low, which is more conveniently than the horizontal alloy wheel repair machine to fix the wheel.

The second step is detection. Our vertical diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is high automatic, so the detection also is high automatic. You just need to set "Star point" and "End point". Move the ruby probe pin to the star position and then press "Star point" to record the ordinate, and use the same way to set the end point. After setting these parameters, press "STAR" button to star the detection.

The third step is optimization. Our new developed alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is with 17’ inch PC controller which is also our own research and development design. With our self-developed optimization software you can optimize the curve directly on the PC panel. No need to use another computer for the special optimization. So this greatly improves work efficiency and ensure the high precision of the wheel repair machine.

The fourth step is cutting the wheels. You can adjust the spindle speed and feed speed of the diamond cutters cutters to realize different wheel repair effects for example, you can realize rainbow line effect, mirror line effect and big line effect by setting different speed speed and feed speed. After cutting, you will get a shinning alloy wheel like new one.

Hiscience new developed vertical alloy wheel repair machine are very popular in Europe, America and other countries because of the high quality, high degree of automation and easy to operate. Now our machines can also accept customer color customization. Come to Hiscience to order one unique wheel repair lathe that belongs to you!

New vertical wheel repair machine is the best choice for you

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Originally published 08 May 2021, updated 08 May 2021.

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