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The story of the wheel repair machine used in Slovenia

28 Nov 2020

Taian Hiscience Machinery Co.ltd, as a leader in the wheel repair machine industry, has been committed to the innovation and design of wheel repair lathes. We not only strive for perfection in the manufacturing process, but also want to recommend the perfect machine to customers in need. So you can see information about our different models of wheel repair machines on different platforms, such as facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, twitter.

One day, There is a friend application from Slovenia on Facebook. I browsed his website and found that it is a shop that operates wheel repair business. I added his friend and said hello to him, "Hello David, this is May from Taian Hiscience Machinery Co.ltd, we are pioneer of diamond cut wheel repair machine in China. Glad to get you are also expert wheel repair. What can i do for you?" He replied"Yes.O.K.I buy it for that kind of money.How to proceed now.Where do I order, where do I pay, how is it with customs and how much.We would really need the machine." I’m surprised that the customer wants to buy the machine without discussing the details of the machine.

Then i offered details quotation of our machine and replied the payment term. And asked do you need more description of the wheel repair machine? He said" I am currently operating a wheel repair shop. I have all machines except wheel repair lathes. Now I urgently need a fully automatic wheel repair lathe to expand my business. I know your machine well now, because you often update your news on Facebook, but I still want to ask some questions." I want to know if your wheel repair lathe can achieve mirror effect? If the wheel surface is partially damaged, can it be repaired locally?" I replied with confiendence" Sure, Because we continuously upgrade and improve our wheel repair lathe, and independently developed optimization software. Through optimization software, the detection curve is optimized to obtain a perfect cutting program, adjust the feed parameters of the two axes of the machine, control the movement speed of the two axes, and achieve the mirror effect. If the surface of your wheel hub is seriously damaged, don’t worry that our lathe can also be repaired. First of all, we recommend a comprehensive repair to achieve the overall perfect repair effect; of course, if you only want to repair the damaged area, you can use the control panel The optimized software for local detection curve processing and local deepening cutting can also achieve perfect repair."

David is very satisfied and he said" How about the delivery time and can you help me to arrange shipment? " I replied that because the machines are very popular, we always prepare machines in stock.The delivery time is usually within one week. We have a long-term cooperation freight forwarding, can help you arrange transportation. David was very happy after hearing this and asked: "What about after-sale service?"Our machine warranty is one year but we can provide life-time service, the machine supports remote assistance, and our engineers can provide services online. David replied, "I am very excited now and want to buy a machine, but please wait for me for a week. I still need to consult the government about customs clearance and taxation."

After one week, David sent me a message that he was ready to buy. He has received the machine and is very satisfied.And he introduced the machine to his friends. The most important thing is that your machine is ahead enough.

The story of the wheel repair machine used in Slovenia

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Originally published 28 Nov 2020, updated 28 Nov 2020.

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