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Our alloy wheel repair machine in Saudi Arabia

14 Mar 2022

Recently, we have exported more and more wheel repair machines to Saudi Arabia. We are very grateful to customers from Saudi Arabia for their support of our products. As a professional manufacturer of wheel repair equipment, we have been providing the best quality wheel repair equipment to auto repair shops all over the world, and hope to help more users in the future.

Our current wheel repair lathes are divided into two categories. One is the traditional horizontal wheel repair machine. The current model of our company's product is AWR28HPC, which adopts a stable bed structure and a new PC control system to achieve perfect probing and diamond cutting for wheel repair lathes. The other type is our new vertical wheel repair lathe. Based on the needs of customers, the design department specially developed the vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2 with the spindle structure. Vertical wheel repair lathes have a smaller footprint, making wheel installation and the entire process easier and faster.

Many customers often ask the difference between the two types of wheel lathes when comparing the two machines. Which one is better, the vertical or the horizontal wheel lathe? In fact, the two models of products are very good, and the previous vertical and horizontal lathes have different characteristics. If you want simpler operation and higher degree of automation, then choose DCM35P-2.

This customer in Saudi Arabia chose the horizontal wheel lathe AWR28HPC. This model has not changed the bed of the product, so its weight is kept at 2000KG, which can better maintain the stability of the machine and package the effect of wheel repair. Works better when the wheels are in place. Another advantage is that the AWR28HPC has a very large operating space, and the travel of the machine's Z-axis is large enough to better repair the wider wheel.

This user in Saudi bought our wheel repair lathe AWR28HPC and is very much looking forward to receiving this machine. When he received the machine, he was very happy to open the packaging. When the machine arrived at his shop, the packaging was intact. When he opened the package, he happily took a video and photo for us to express his excitement and gratitude.

We will continue to update the news of customers' purchase and use of our machines, because customers' evaluation of us will be of great help to more users when they choose our machines, and they can also be more assured when purchasing our machines. Welcome to continue to pay attention to our company.

Our alloy wheel repair machine in Saudi Arabia

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Originally published 14 Mar 2022, updated 14 Mar 2022.

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