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The advantages of full automatic wheel repair machine for damaged wheels

23 Feb 2024

We all know that the number of cars is increasing at a rate of 20% every year. 95% of car wheels are aluminum alloy wheels. Personalized, high-end and fashionable wheels are becoming more and more popular among modern people. 60% of car owners will carry out secondary modifications. There are many cars on narrow roads, and more than 65% of small cars have suffered scratches. Damage to the wheel is very common. Compared with complete replacement, repairing the wheels is by far a better choice. This is not only good for environmental protection, but also saves car owners a lot of money. Wheel restoration is therefore a new industry, restoring alloy wheels is a growing and lucrative business and more and more car repair shops are starting to add this business. Which wheel repair machine is best for you? I will say "Full automatic wheel repair machine DCM35P-MAX".

As I know most workers in car repair shop do not know CNC program knowledge. The DCM35P-MAX control system contains 100% ourselves developed software on DCM35P-MAX is only for wheel repair, removing redundant buttons and steps, making the entire operation simpler, the usability is absolutely outstanding on the touchscreen interface and the user is guided safely through all steps.

The DCM35P-MAX machine is quite unique in the market as it is capable of handling wheels with or without tires. Not having to remove the tire first, that saves the technicians valuable time better used elsewhere. It has an automatic safe door lock which makes the machine very safe to operate.

The wheel repair machine equipped with automatic 4-station tool holder is also a bright spot, it reduces the link of manual tool change, and also reduces the user's worry about the lock position of tool change, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair. We adopt ruby detection system, the probe with high accuracy 0.002mm can perfectly copy the original curve of the wheels. Wear-resistant, long service life. Contact-type detection is more stable and accurate than traditional laser detection.

Our wheel repair machine is CE-approved and we export over 200 sets to Europe alone last year. The diamond cut machine has already been distributed to several European countries, the Middle East, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. The machine does not require a huge financial investment, but we offer the best service including training, online support and consumables. If you are smaller businesses, you can also install the wheel repair machine, as the gain of repairing a rim is high compared to the time usage.

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The advantages of full automatic wheel repair machine for damaged wheels

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Originally published 23 Feb 2024, updated 23 Feb 2024.

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