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wheel repair machine make repairing scratches on wheels so easy

26 Apr 2023

Mike from the United States is the owner of a 4S shop. Their business has always been car body painting and color changing, but recently many of his customers have asked him if he can repair scratched wheels, which forced him to looking for wheel repair machine. Because he doesn't know much about wheel repair, Mike has only one worry which is he can't get how to operate as soon as possible after purchasing the machine.

Because the diamond cut wheel repair machine is a CNC lathe, if the user does not understand the CNC lathe, it will cause trouble to use, so a easy wheel repair machine to operate is very important for the operator of wheel repair. I think the fully automatic vertical PC wheel repair machine DCM32P-S is the best choice. This wheel repair machine is easier to operate, faster to repair, and the repair effect is perfect. So how simple and easy of the DCM32P-S? We can look at the operation process and design details of the machine in two aspects.

First of all, after receiving the wheel repair machine, you only need to connect the three-phase power supply or single-phase power supply corresponding to your machine, connect the air pump, turn on the machine switch, turn on the PC controller, and it is ready without redundant operation preparations.

The second is the operation of wheel repair, which only needs four simple steps. The first step is to clamp the wheel. Because the DCM32P-S is a vertical structure, the user only needs to put the wheel on the chuck and then clamp it. It is not like a horizontal wheel repair lathe that requires you to support the wheel with one hand and fix the wheel with the other hand, which is more laborious. The second step is wheel detection. You only need to set the start point and end point of the detection, and then click the "start detection" on the PC controller to detect, which is very simple. And the wheel detection curve is saved in the database after detected, and the same type wheel can directly diamond cut without re-detection, saving time and effort. The third step is to optimize the wheel detection curve. Our machine can be set to automatic optimization, which is easier for customers. The optimization software can optimize the curve, so that the cutting track of the tool can be very close to the real curve of the wheel end face, and will not have any impact on the safety of the wheel . By setting the feed parameters of the tool, the surface of the wheel can achieve various customer-required effects such as big line effect, rainbow line effect and high light mirror effect . The final step is diamond cutting. Just click "start process" and the machine will automatically execute the processing procedure.

In machine design. The control system of DCM32P-S is a computer, and all operations are completed on the PC controller. If you know how to use a computer, you must know how to operate the machine. The DCM32P-S adopts automatic 4-station tool holder, one-button change tools, fast and accurate positioning. It reduces the link of manual tool change, and also reduces the user's worry about the locking position of the tool change, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wheel repair. The design of the pneumatic safety door not only eliminates the process of closing the door manually, but also increases the safety guarantee for the user when the machine is running.

Seeing this, Mike couldn't help but admire, this is the simple and quick-to-use automatic wheel repair machine he wanted!

wheel repair machine make repairing scratches on wheels so easy

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Originally published 26 Apr 2023, updated 26 Apr 2023.

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