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Good quality wheel repair machine is more important

07 Jul 2022

Raman is one of my clients from India, he found me and told me that he has a lot of wheels now, and he has a lot of machines to repair wheel, but he lacks a lathe like our machine that can repair the surface of the wheels better. So I recommended him our best alloy wheel repair machine the DCM35P-2.

"Doris, once the machine arrives in India, how will I install the machine as travel to and from China is restricted and how my operator will operate the machine as we have never used this type of machine before."

"Don't worry about installation and operation. The machine is fully installed and tested before shipment. You just need to power on after you receive it. wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is equipped with PC controller. You can operate on PC controller. So it is easy to learn and operate. The instruction book will be send with the machine, We also offer step by step training video to you."

"Once the machine is up and running, if something goes wrong with the machine, how do I fix them because India I don’t know a lot of people use these machines."

"The quality of DCM35P-2 is very good, It will be no problems under normal operation. Our company has a professional after-sales service team.If our machine has any questions, you can contact me at any time, you just need to send me the pictures and videos of the problem. Our after-sales team will find the problem as soon as possible, and tell you how to solve step by step. We can also make video calls to help you deal with problems online. The machine can connect to WiFi, so we can provide you with online remote assistance."

"I also got quotes from other manufacturers who have less than yours and every time they say they have the best machines so I’m confused how to compare quality without looking at price."

"We have sold many foreign customers. I believe that many customers who bought our machine

not because of its price but because of the effect after repairing wheels. All the parts and technologies of our machines are designed to solve how customers can repair the damaged wheel surface better. The attached pictures are feedback from customers who have used our machines. Please check them. Can you tell me which brand of machine you are asking about? I can give you a detailed comparison."

In the end Raman didn't ask me to compare with other brands of machines, but he agreed with me and chose our machine DCM35P-2. I am sure he will get more clients because he always provides his clients with the best restoration and the best service.

Hience has always wanted to make the best products and provide the best repair results to customers around the world.

Good quality wheel repair machine is more important

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Originally published 07 Jul 2022, updated 07 Jul 2022.

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