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Vertical wheel repair machine is your first choice

14 Sep 2021

"Hi, Doris, how are you? I want to buy three sets of your wheel repair machine again, can you make the proforma invoice for me?" One day in August, I was woken up by the sound of my mobile phone at three o'clock in the middle of the night. I turned on my phone and it was a Whats App message from my client Mauro who come from Argentina.

Mauro is the owner of a big wheel repair company in Argentina, and last year he bought 7 sets of our vertical wheel repair machine, rim straightening machine, sand blasting machine and brake disc lathe machine. With the machines we have detailed instructions and training video, he quickly mastered how to operate the machines. Now he uses our machines very well and he is satisfied with our machines. And at the present, he want to expand his business, so he want to buy more machines from us.

"Hi Mauro, I’m good, thanks for your trust, because of time difference, now in China is midnight, but don’t worry I will make the PI for you as soon as I go to work." "Perfect Doris, thanks." "My pleasure Mauro, besides the wheel repair machines do you need any other

machines?" then I sent our catalog to him. After reading the catalog, Mauro told me that besides the three sets of wheel repair machines he also needed to buy one rim straightening machine and one sand blasting machine this time. When I arrived my company, I made the proforma invoice for Mauro as soon as possible. And soon, we received the payment from Mauro, now we are preparing the machines for him.

Taian HIENCE Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in the research and development alloy wheel repair machines. Only with best machine quality and service, can we get the trust and orders of our customers. HIENCE wheel repair machine can help you to develop your wheel repair business much, so when you need wheel repair equipment, please do not hesitate to contact Taian HIENCE, we will provide you with the best machines and the best technical service!

Vertical wheel repair machine is your first choice

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Originally published 14 Sep 2021, updated 14 Sep 2021.

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