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The wheel repair machine pulled us closer

31 Dec 2019

As Moloya said, friendship is like love. Only when you live with friends who can get along with nature and don't have to make a lie and lie, you will be happy. I am very happy with George, a New Zealand customer. The wheel repair machine built a bridge of friendship between us. After a lapse of six months, this old friend flew to the beautiful China again to fulfill his promise. Can you guess what is the promise?

George, an expert in wheel repair for more than 20 years, and together with his friends flew to China for the first time in May to visit HIENCE wheel repair machine. He witnessed the evolution of the wheel repair lathe from manual operation to automatic operation, which impressed me. During the in-depth communication, we learned that George had a wheel repair lathe at present, but he was more looking forward to the leading position of HIENCE wheel repair lathe. During his stay in China, he personally felt the difference between HIENCE wheel lathe and other products. He told us that we had turned his work in China from a chore into a vacation and looked forward to establishing long term business relationship and friendship.

In the meantime, we communicated with George about the use of machines, and more about the exchange and sharing of life. I received an email from George half a month ago. He is going to visit the vertical wheel lathe in HIENCE in November. As a wheel lathe supplier with many years of manufacturing experience, our company's strength, product quality and reputation protection are our highlights. The quality service makes him more assured. When discussing the optimization software with him, the customer's finger was a bit inflexible. We thought it was too cold. He told me that because of the previous hand injury and the arthritis was very serious with age. Our engineer Mr Sun bought him Chinese traditional medicines, safflower oil and plasters, let the customer on besmear, George was deeply moved, we gave him the love of friends.

We have a lot of customers like George who trust each other and work together for the best. As the originator of wheel repair lathe, we treat customers with the best quality service, provides the highest quality products to customers, can let customers rest assured, which is the most reliable. Looking forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationship with more customers.

The wheel repair machine pulled us closer

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Originally published 31 Dec 2019, updated 31 Dec 2019.

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