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Thanks for your trust in our wheel repair machine

04 May 2022

As a global company, HIENCE wheel repair machine is constantly evolving to meet the complex and changing needs of its customers. In our journey of development and progress, one thing is constant, that is, we firmly adhere to the strictest standards of ethics and integrity in our business operations. We adhere to the principles of trust from customers. Trust is our most important asset, and we must do everything we can to protect it. We provide our customers with the technical excellence and reliability their products require, which is the source of our long-standing success. We strive to provide top-notch quality and components, but we also recognize that our most important components are our unwavering commitment to integrity. While our business environment is constantly changing, our reputation for operating with integrity needs to remain the same. Do your part to uphold the highest ethical standards in everything you do.

This customer Mr.Jose choose our horizontal wheel repair machine to start his business. Because he saw there are many customers in Colombia use this wheel repair machine AWR28HPC. He saw this machine adopted a professional PC controller which is very easy to learn and operate. And our machine can also support Spanish, because he only know Spanish. The machine can also realize best wheel repair effect, such as rainbow line effect, high light mirror effect and big line effect. That’s make customer surprise. And Mr.Jose have many big and weight wheels need to be repaired. So I recommended the AWR28HPC to him. AWR28HPC has a very large operating space, and the travel of the machine's Z-axis is large enough to better repair the wider wheel and deep dish wheels. Mr.Jose has never import from other country before and he worried about the shipment assurance and formalities. So he find a trading company owning by his cousin to help him. He said to me, our company seems to be reputable, your service was extremely helpful, so we decide to order the machine from you.

After a month of traveling across the ocean, Mr.Jose finally received the machine. He was very satisfied after receiving the machine. Then he took this picture to us. We sent him the detailed instructions and step by step training videos. He followed the training video to operate the machine and quickly mastered how to operate it. But he still have some questions about the wheel repair finishing and he wants us to teach him. Because we have many customers who using the machine in his city. We introduce a friend to help and teach him. Mr.Jose is very appreciate that friend can help him a lot. In future, we will still offer the best after sale service for our customers.

As a professional manufacturer of wheel repair equipment, we have been providing the best quality wheel repair equipment to auto repair shops all over the world, and hope to help more users in the future.

Thanks for your trust in our wheel repair machine

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Originally published 04 May 2022, updated 04 May 2022.

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