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The story of a Jamaican customer buying a wheel repair machine DCM35P-2

28 Sep 2022

As the pioneer of wheel repair machine, HIENCE wheel repair lathe are sold all over the world and are loved by our customers. Next let me share with you my story with a client in Jamaica.

His name is Jodi. The first inquiry from Jodi was received on August 4, 2021. At that time, the inquiry content was "Hi, I'm interested in your product. I would like some more details. I want to know your best price including shipping cost to Jamaica, West Indies." Then I confirmed with the customer the requirements for the repair size of the wheel repair machine, and ask the customer if there are other requirements.

Next day, Jodi told me, "We also need to be able to cut deep dish rim and rims with deep side lip." "Okay, no problem. Our alloy wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 can repair the deep dish wheels. Many customers have inquired about repairing deep-dish wheels before, so we specially take a video of repairing deep-dish wheels with our DCM35P-2." Then I sent the video to him, He’s very satisfied and loves our machine. He told me he had one manual wheel repair machine, and they are professional and specialize in rim straightening, rim welding, polishing, drum skimming, disk rotor skimming, high speed balancing, all aluminum or white metal welding and minor tire repairs.

"Can you describe more advantages of your machine? Also, do you support customization? I see you have blue, green, and gray machines. I want to the blue-looking machine and customize our company logo.""Sure, our wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is easy to operate with a 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. All operations can be finished on PC controller. Can automatically probe and cut wheels, probe data can be saved for the next same model wheel and can save your time and money. And in order to meet more needs of customers, we support customization of different appearance colors and your company's logo."

Because Jodi likes this machine very much, after comprehensive consideration, he finally decided to buy it. "Hi Caroline, I want to buy machine, how do we proceed to payment?" Then I made proforma invoice for him, and he arranged the payment. Now he received the machine and starts to learn how to use it. There are still some things he doesn't understand about the operation of the machine, so we provided remote assistance for customers to help them start using the machine. He was delighted and shared a photo of him with the machine with us. If you also want to buy a new diamond cutting wheel repair machine, welcome to contact us.

The story of a Jamaican customer buying a wheel repair machine DCM35P-2

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Originally published 28 Sep 2022, updated 28 Sep 2022.

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