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Which alloy wheel repair machine is more suitable for you

30 Dec 2019

Many customers who has great business are not only have one diamond cut wheel repair lathe in their workshop. Maybe they have two or more, because they want to select different wheel repair machine to compare which one is the best to use. There is a photo from my Australia's customer-Peter. He used my diamond cut wheel repair machine over one year with perfect performance. But I find he also use both wheel repair machine from USA and Wheel repair machine from us. When we discussed how about these two machines? He said," after my comparison, I prefer to your PC wheel repair machine AWR28HPC". I am very happy for that. And then he told me why HIENCE wheel repair lathe is the best choice.

First, the appearance is beautiful. When the customers who drive their luxury car to repair wheels. When they saw the new automatic wheel repair machine, they all very happy saying " Hi, Peter, you have bought such a new and beautiful machine, that’s great. I will ask you to use the machine to repair our beloved alloy wheels." This is the customer's affirmation of our machine.

Second, the automatic wheel repair lathe is easy operate and fast, it can save the customers waiting time, maybe a cup of coffee time can completely the wheel repair. Their customers are satisfied with our service, because time is money. And our workers can use the remaining time to repair other parts of customer’s car.

Thirdly, The HIENCE wheel repair lathe can make customers shiny alloy wheels looks as good as new after repair. That’s because we have perfect optimized software. The surface of the damaged wheel is optimized by the curve before diamond cutting damaged wheels. And we can proud to tell our customers, we can make your damaged wheels mirror finishing, different density textured finishing or rainbow line effect after reflection of sunlight. All customers are amazed by our work and when they introduce to others "that company is able to refurbish alloy wheels to a smooth and shiny finish".

Finally, He smiled and said to me, "The most important thing is I made money and have extended my business, more and more owners of cars come here to repair their beloved alloy wheels, and very happy satisfied to leave our workshop.

For you, which wheel repair machine you are prefer? It will be honor to talk more with you.

Which alloy wheel repair machine is more suitable for you

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Originally published 30 Dec 2019, updated 30 Dec 2019.

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