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Vertical wheel repair machine is the best choice for your auto repair shop

22 Mar 2021

The development of the times has made automobiles popular rapidly, and the increase in vehicles has accelerated and promoted the development of automobile maintenance and automobile beauty. As the car wheel repair in the car repair is what we all car owners are pursuing, a product with a very large market. It is conceivable that the wheel repair machine has become an indispensable equipment for auto repair shops.

What wheel repair machine is your car repair shop using? Are you still using a traditional manual wheel repair lathe? Traditional manual rim repair machine have many shortcomings: First, traditional manual wheel repair lathe are semi-automatically operated, the chassis is lighter, and the machine tool is prone to vibration when it is working, and the procedure is complicated, making it difficult to achieve a perfect repair effect. Second, the low speed and small rotation diameter can only repair 22-inch wheels at the maximum, which can’t meet market demand. Third, the data is not accurate, the detection data can’t be saved for the next same wheels, and the operation time is long.

All customers are looking for simpler, more automated wheel repair lathe, and many are looking for wheel repair machine with a small footprint. In order to meet the needs of more customers and make up for the shortcomings of traditional manual wheel repair lathe machine, we developed the new vertical wheel repair lathe machine, it adopts many user-friendly designs. The machine breaks away from horizontal machine structure in design. However, It is different from the vertical wheel repair lathe of other countries in the world. Our vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2 adopts a 17-inch touch screen, which is easy to operate. All operations can be done on the PC control panel, and there is no unnecessary complex button, users can better understand how to use it. Before detection, you only need to set start point and end point and a few simple parameters.

In addition, the automatic wheel repair machine doesn’t require any foundation or manual programming. It can automatically detect by the ruby probe detection system and automatically repairs the surface of various wheel with diamond cutting tools. The detection program can be saved for the next same model wheels, so it will save your time and money. And you can adjust the spindle speed and feed speed of cutter to realize different repair effects, such as rainbow effect or high light mirror effect or big line effect.

The whole machine is easy to use and operate, and the operator can start to operate the machine with a little training. Even if there is no basic CNC personnel, they can master the operation of the machine within one hour, and the small footprint of the machine solves the problem of limited space in some small repair shops and has a high degree of automation. Today, as the gap in the automotive professional maintenance market continues to expand, sophisticated maintenance equipment, sophisticated technical means, and systematic maintenance processes are the dominating markets. If you happen to need a fully automatic wheel repair lathe machine, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your arrival!

Vertical wheel repair machine is the best choice for your auto repair shop

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Originally published 22 Mar 2021, updated 22 Mar 2021.

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