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Why did Tony choose our wheel repair machine

14 Aug 2021

If you are running a car repair shop, you must know a good maintenance equipment is very important to your shop, it reflects the service level and ability of the shop. Let me introduce the story about my customer Tony and me.

Tony and I started to establish contact in 2020. When he first contacted me, the purpose was clear. The specific requirements are as follows: First, I need a CNC wheel repair lathe machine instead of a PC operating system. Second, it needs the touch probe detection system, not the laser detection system. Third, before we purchase your machine, we need to see your training video.

The first impression I received from the email was that the customer was very professional and he knew very well about the knowledge of wheel repair lathes, and I’m sure that he had done detailed market research and inspection before. Then I recommend suitable model of our wheel repair machine to him and send him the machine documents he needs. Then the story comes to an end for the time being, because the customer may postpone the purchase plan due to busy work. So I started to call and greet the customer, follow up with the customer, but did not get the customer to confirm the order.

The effort pays off. In June, the customer sent me an email. In the email, the customer stated that he is now considering buying a machine. He can talk to me when he has time this afternoon and hope I will call him. The content of the entire call went very smoothly. During the call, considering that the customer can master the operation of the machine more quickly, we recommended our newly developed vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2 to the customer, our vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. And this machine also adopts ruby detection system.

After hearing the story, maybe you want to know more about the detection system. Because the quality of detection systems on the market is uneven, when you are looking for a alloy wheel repair lathe machine, you will find that the detection systems used by different manufacturers are different, and the manufacturers are very good at advertising that their detection system are perfect. You know that detection systems are a very important part of wheel repair lathe, but many customers know very little about these detection systems and don’t know how to choose.

If you want to buy a diamond cutting wheel repair machine, what detection system should you choose? Some customers will like laser detection system. Although laser detection is fast, it has many disadvantages. This kind of detector looks very luxurious and high-grade from the outside, but it is not suitable for wheel repair, and the laser detector in the market has different quality and price, which is easy to affect the later use. The precision of the laser displacement sensor will decrease as the luminescent element will decay and age with use. Due to laser diffusion, the visual diameter is about 1mm. Due to its working principle, laser detection is only suitable for relatively smooth wheel detection, and its applicability will be severely reduced for complex wheel curves.

The probe detection measures the outer dimensions of the wheel end face according to the set spacing, and detects a curve consisting of points equidistant from the X direction. Can avoid the weakness of laser detector, high precision, wide range of application, and the world's other excellent wheel repair lathe manufacturers have been using ruby contact probe. Therefore, there is no doubt that the ruby probe system is no problem to perform a more perfect detection of complex wheel surface, more difficult wheel out edge and deep dish wheels.

After listening to our introduction to the machine DCM35P-2, Tony was very satisfied with this machine. He replied in the email, "Thanks for your phone call and email last Thursday, this was helpful." In the next few days, after Tony asked some questions about the machine and accessories, and he confirmed the order with me.

I believe that through our story, you have a deeper understanding of the characteristics and differences of the detection system of wheel lathes. HIENCE wheel repair machine adopts a ruby detection system, which can perfectly detect complex wheel surfaces and rims to achieve the most perfect repair effect.

Why did Tony choose our wheel repair machine

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Originally published 14 Aug 2021, updated 14 Aug 2021.

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